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Putin owns Tulsi and Donnie.

Tulsi is tougher.

Tulsi didn't claim to have bone spurs.

Tulsi has a full head of hair.

Tulsi served.

Tulsi is smarter than Donnie, but that's no big thing.

But Putin owns both of them.

Why did Mick Mulvaney have to tell the truth?

Donnie has to be thinking this. After covering for crooked Donnie for nearly 3 years, why did Mick have to pick now to tell the truth about crooked Donnie?

Newly released Trump tax documents show major inconsistencies

Documents obtained by ProPublica show stark differences in how Donald Trump’s businesses reported some expenses, profits and occupancy figures for two Manhattan buildings, giving a lender different figures than they provided to New York City tax authorities. The discrepancies made the buildings appear more profitable to the lender — and less profitable to the officials who set the buildings’ property tax.

Trump has previously been accused of manipulating numbers on his tax and loan documents, including by his former lawyer, Cohen. But Trump’s business is notoriously opaque, with records rarely surfacing, and up till now there’s been little documentary evidence supporting those claims.
That’s one reason that multiple governmental entities, including two congressional committees and the office of the Manhattan district attorney, have subpoenaed Donald Trump’s tax returns. Trump has resisted, taking his battles to federal courts in Washington and New York. And so the question of whether different parts of the government can see the president’s financial information is now playing out in two appeals courts and seems destined to make it to the U.S. Supreme Court. Add to that a Washington Post account of an IRS whistleblower claiming political interference in the handling of the president’s audit, and the result is what amounts to frenetic interest in one person’s tax returns.


Donnie is a crook. Crooks always lie to the cops and to the Feds.

Fun quiz #2 how much money did daddy Trump give to failing Donnie?

On Tuesday, a New York Times special investigation revealed that President Trump received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire over the course of his life — income that he shielded from inheritance taxes. The Times report concluded that Trump had participated in “dubious tax schemes . . . including instances of outright fraud.”
These revelations, while new to many Americans, are familiar to longtime Trump observers. Trump has downplayed his father’s role, asserting that Fred Trump gave him only “a small loan of $1,000,000.” Yet well before the new report was published, journalists and biographers had reported on court documents showing the president’s father provided loans, guaranteed loans and even bailed out Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino — by buying $3.5 million worth of chips, an illegal way to underwrite a casino.


Lying Donnie says 1 million, the truth says 413 million in bailouts. Why would a business genius like Donnie Trump need to file bankruptcy 6 times, and get bailed out by his Daddy to the tune of 413 million dollars?

Because the only thing Donnie knows how to run is his lying mouth.

Fun quiz #1 for informed voters Fact Check: Has Trump declared bankruptcy four or six times?

PolitiFact uncovered two more bankruptcies filed after 1992, totaling six


Lying Donnie claimed 4, but it was really 6.

Donnie was lucky his daddy bailed him out so many times. Donnie is just as much a failure in business as he is playing President.

Donald Trump's longtime business connections in Turkey back in the spotlight


“It’s absolutely staggering” that Trump made a decision that “has put us on the brink of causing genocide in Syria,” said Wendy Sherman, an undersecretary at the State Department during the Obama administration. The decision underscores the “impulsiveness” and “the transactional, quid pro quo-ness of the president,” she said.
That “transactional” charge is based on the Trump family’s multitude of continuing business entities and interests, all separated from the president — at least on paper — by the trust that now controls them. But the president is the beneficiary of that trust and two of his children have roles in it.
"It always is a concern that those business ties, at the very least, color his judgment," Sherman said, "and at the very worst are the reasons for his judgment."

Businesses linked to the Turkish government are also major patrons of the Trump Organization. Turkish officials have made 14 visits to Trump properties, more than any other country, according to an analysis performed for NBC News by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW.


When dealing with a crook, and Donnie is a crook, follow the money.

Donnie only does things that benefit him.

Must the House Vote to Authorize an Impeachment Inquiry?

Is it constitutionally acceptable for the House speaker to initiate an impeachment “by means of nothing more than a press conference”? In short, yes.
The constitutional text on this issue is spare. The Constitution simply says that the House has the sole power of impeachment. Ultimately, if the House wants to impeach someone, it needs to muster a simple majority in support of articles of impeachment that can be presented to the Senate. How the House gets there is entirely up to the chamber itself to determine. There is no constitutional requirement that the House take two successful votes on impeachment, one to authorize some kind of inquiry and one to ratify whatever emerges from that inquiry. An impeachment inquiry is not “invalid” because there has been no vote to formally launch it, and any eventual impeachment would not be “invalid” because the process that led to it did not feature a floor vote authorizing a specific inquiry.


crooked Donnie can't cooperate with any investigation, mainly because he is guilty of so many crimes.

Poor Donnie. He never gets to golf anymore.

I remember when Donnie said he'd be way too busy Presidenting to golf. Not like that lazy Obama.

Poor Donnie has been President nearly 3 years, and he never gets to golf.

Then I read this one. This page claims Donnie has been golfing 222 time already.

And it also claims that Donnie's golfing has cost the taxpayers 109 million dollars.
"I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." --Donald J. Trump, August, 2016
Our President made a promise to the American people. Here we track his fulfillment of that promise. You can view our full list of Trump's golf outings here, and see this explanation for more information. Or just watch this video to hear it straight from the President himself.

So in the 994 days Donnie has been in office, he has golfed 222 times.


If weak Donnie dumps Pence as VP, who gets the job?

Donnie Trump says he has nothing to hide,

as he hides everything he can from the investigators.


Donnie has to hide everything because he is a crook. And crooks hate cops.
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