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Amazon goes blue states for new headquarters

Amazon made a surprise decision to split their second national headquarters between two locations after a year-long bidding frenzy that started with proposals from 238 cities. Amazon has said the HQ2 project will include a $5 billion investment and could create as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs, which will be split between the two locations, Queens, New York City, New York and Crystal City, a suburb of Washngton, D.C. in Northern Virginia.
The New York City site is adjacent to the district of Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Amazon's investments in Seattle from 2010 to 2016 added $38 billion to the city's economy. It’s also great news for property owners. In Seattle and the surrounding area, the housing market has boomed, largely thanks to Amazon employing more than 40,000 high-paid workers in the city.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., the former Governor of Virginia, said he’s “really excited about the potential Amazon offers.”

“We've seen that major investments like these can bring not only thousands of direct jobs but also lead to job growth in other industries."

“As we welcome Amazon's new investment in Virginia, we must commit to implementing this announcement in a way that will benefit the whole region and all of the Commonwealth.”--Mark Warner (D-VA)

A computer program will decide who wins in Maine

Now THIS is bizarre!
In the Maine's 2nd District, Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin has declared he received more votes than Democratic state Rep. Jared Golden — but neither received a majority, so Maine’s new system of ranked-choice voting will decide the winner.
A computer program will redistribute the votes of the two last-place finishers, independents William Hoar and Tiffany Bond, between Poliquin and Golden based on who was ranked higher on their voters’ ballots. At that point, whoever has a majority of the remaining votes will win the congressional seat. Golden is probably favored in this scenario; both Bond and Hoar indicated in a debate that they would prefer Golden over Poliquin, and exit polls suggest their voters agreed. The counting began on Friday and is expected to take until midweek. But it might not end there: If Poliquin loses the ranked-choice tabulations to Golden, he has left the door open to a court challenge.

McSally concedes in Arizona

The new Democratic Senator from Arizona, Krysten Sinema. The last time Arizona had a Democratic Senator was Dennis DiConcini from 1977 to 1995.

In Honor of America's Most Racist Congress Critter

The Online Small Donor Disparity between D & R was huge

The Democrats just destroyed the Republicans in raising small donations online. "ActBlue," the Democratic fundraising tool funneled over $700 million in small donations to House and Senate candidates over the course of the 2018 campaign. ActBlue is an easy-to-use site that allows givers to plug in their credit card information and send contributions to their candidate of choice with a click. Republicans have no such centralized fundraising platform.

Among the lessons Republicans say they learned this year is that the party can no longer just rely on a few billionaire megadonors like Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. He and his wife, Miriam, contributed over $100 million to GOP-aligned super PACs over the course of the campaign.

While the 85-year-old Adelson remains a crucial source of funding, Republicans concede their advantage in billionaire giving has narrowed considerably. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and San Francisco hedge fund manager Tom Steyer each plowed over $100 million into campaigns for Democrats, investments that stretched the 2018 map and put Republicans on defense in races once thought to be beyond reach for the opposing party.

Some Republicans see reason for optimism. In July, the Republican Jewish Coalition, an organization partly funded by Adelson, launched an ActBlue-like portal inviting supporters to give small donations to a list of endorsed candidates. The effort generated about $400,000 in contributions, an indication to its proponents that conservative small donors could be drawn to such a platform.

Others are just relieved that online giving has finally become a priority for the party.

The Arizona bisexual Democrats' lead over the Republican who was America's first female combat pilot

Has grown to 32,640 votes as of Sunday night.
Kyrsten Sinema (D): 1,068,129
Martha McSally (R): 1,035,489

Less than 200,000 votes remain to be counted.
The Arizona Secretary of State's Election result page:

Back in September: "An Open Letter to DU"

"Open Letter to DU (cause I cannot post there myself)
There will not be a Blue Wave. Its not coming. The polls are misleading you exactly like they did in 2016.

There is a reason for this. Democrats are offering nothing but "Trump is bad." They have offered no new ideas.
Democrats want to reverse the tax cut (inspite of it's effect on the economy) solely because it came from Trump.
The Democrats are openly calling for gun confiscation. Further the calls to abolish ICE and open borders are scaring voters away.

Their identity politics strategy is failing. increasing numbers of blacks and Hispanics are siding with Trump all because of the economy. Open racism against whites are driving moderates and independents away from the Left. Media stars like the crazy b!tch in NY stating that capitalism is dead, likewise are scaring off the elderly vote who depend on Capitalism to keep their IRA's afloat.

Remember the polls all predicted an easy win for Hillary. You are building your hopes on a false foundation. Reasonable Lefties I speak to are relying on Tradition to deliver the House to them...they forget that we are NOT in traditional times - ALL the rules have been broken.

the Two Year Long Tantrum has endeared not a single new voter for you. Its in fact it has sparked a very real "Walk Away Movement.

The Blue Wave is NOT coming. You can't blame this on Russia. Democrats have shown their inability to govern or debate, or even offer an alternative. Newt won the house - for the first time in 40 years - with a specific set of proposals. I have yet to see a single proposal from your side outside of impeachment.
You are not going to win on a slogan this time. You need real ideas.

Your Blue wave is not coming.

I would ask someone to cross post this at DU, but I'm afraid the group think crime unit will give them a hide.
Maybe just a link...

This is DI and cons are allowed to post here. I am more interested in seeing what people at DU think"

Black support for Trump falls down to 10%

Economist/YouGov Poll
October 28-30, 2018
"Do you approve of disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?
Strongly approve: 3%
Somewhat approve: 7%
Somewhat disapprove: 18%
Strongly disapprove: 61%
Not Sure: 12%
See question #56

Rasmussen Poll: Trump Job Approval

Every time the President gets up to 50% job approval for day or so in this most conservative of polls, he then falls back down below water. Today he's at 48% approve and 51% disapprove.

Muslims raise $150,000 for synagogue shooting victims' funerals

A fundraiser organized by two Muslim-American groups for the victims of Saturday's deadly shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue reached its goal of raising $150,000 from about 3,600 donors in just over 48 hours. Some of the money is already on the way to victims and their families, and organizers say they hope to cover the funeral costs for all 11 people who were killed.

The fundraiser on the site LaunchGood is a joint effort by the groups Celebrate Mercy and MPower Change. It reached its initial goal of $25,000 in just under six hours after being launched Saturday afternoon, according to Tarek El-Messidi, founder of Celebrate Mercy, a group that teaches about the prophet Mohammed through education and charitable campaigns. The fundraiser welcomes contributions from donors regardless of faith.

"Initially it was intended to be a gesture of solidarity," said Linda Sarsour, the co-founder of MPower Change, in an interview with CBS News on Monday. "We wanted to give more than just 'thoughts and prayers.'"

The organizers increased the fundraising goal several times to reflect the outpouring of giving, according to the fundraising page. On Monday morning, organizers transferred $25,000 via PayPal to the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) for families of the victims at Tree of Life Congregation, the synagogue targeted in Saturday's attack. Another transfer is planned for Tuesday morning, according to El-Messidi.

"Right now, because in Jewish tradition funerals happen right away, the priority is to help with funeral expenses," El-Messidi said Monday. The group hopes to cover the entirety of all funeral expenses for each of the victims, El-Messidi said, noting that Jewish funerals in the Pittsburgh area cost roughly $10,000.
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