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Andrew Gillum Shocked Florida With a Primary Win. But an F.B.I. Inquiry Clouds His Campaign.

At issue is a vote in June 2016 to expand a city redevelopment district to include properties the undercover agents posing as developers said they wanted to invest in if the properties became eligible for public dollars. It would have been unlawful for public officials to accept money or other consideration from the purported developers in exchange for favorable votes.

Mr. Gillum was not present for the vote that approved the boundary change. But the investigation revealed that he had spent time socializing with Mr. Corey, the lobbyist, and the undercover agents in New York, including taking a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty and seeing a Broadway performance of the hit musical “Hamilton.”

Mr. Gillum and Mr. Corey met in college, when they were involved in student government at Florida A&M University and at Florida Gulf Coast University, respectively. They remained friends — Mr. Corey served as Mr. Gillum’s volunteer campaign treasurer in his 2014 run for mayor — until the investigation; Mr. Gillum told The Tallahassee Democrat that he has severed ties with Mr. Corey.

The trip to New York in August 2016 raised questions of why the mayor was spending personal time with developers who had potential business before the city. Similar questions resulted from another trip that Mr. Gillum took with his wife and several lobbyist friends — including Mr. Corey — to Costa Rica in May 2016.

Looks like running for governor is going to "monkey up" the good thing he had going in Tallahassee...
Posted by BigKahunna2.0 | Mon Sep 3, 2018, 07:04 AM (9 replies)
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