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heard back from my sister, the "only child"

she filled out the estate administrator renunciation form with my name, listed me as an estranged child, and asked me to sign/notarize it so she can take it to probate and claim the couple thousand $$ that is legally mine what a cunt!

neeeever mind. it was my slow system, not u-tube!


Cue the music; we are clearly entering the Twilight Zone

Christian Amanpour & Co. replaced her daily 60 minutes of Trump Hate with an hour of respect, fairness and actual information Her guests actually suggested that after the past 3 admins' failures with a "bottoms up" approach to NoKo, Trump's "unorthodox" top down approach could turn out to be effective. All agreed that this is going to be a long process and were "giving him space" to proceed. None thought that he'd "blown it" and one nearly complimented him for the way he gracefully exited while keeping the door open. All agreed that walking away was the right thing to do. One actually suggested what I was thinking -- this summit successfully got them to admit what they are willing to agree to at this time on international teevee with the whole world watching...something that nobody has before accomplished.

He also was complimented for starting his presser with the statement on India/Pakistan.

Question: How do you track down a gofundme to determine if it's a scam?

Discovered my greedy sister's got one going to buy a house for a friend with sick baby. Am curious to see if it's for real or not. No mention of friend's name, no real identification on it except for her as the author of it.

PBS news was in all out assault the wall mode last night

don't know the name of the "journalist" who "interviewed" the Republican rep or senator who tried to introduce some facts into the "wall" discussion.

Every time he pointed out a very important fact, she interrupted, yelling over him to try to keep him from being heard. Broke down finally by yelling, "WELL I CAN SEE YOU SUPPORT THE WALL!!!!" with horrified/contemptuous/condescending look on her face.

I managed to pick up a couple salient points that she tried desperately to bury:

1. The reason most drugs are caught through ports of entry is because every truck that passes through an official port is searched.

In between the entry points -- there there is usually nobody there to nab them -- is where they get across the border and don't get caught. He cited statistics from a couple years ago when a drone program that was run between the ports increased that take by 45%. They can be sure how much they miss, but they estimate that 45% increased represented just 1/3 of what passes between the ports of entry.

2. Barriers are a "force multiplier," enabling large stretches of border to be patrolled by fewer agents, freeing more agents to patrol other areas.

You're welcome!

SHOCKED but sadly not surprised

Discovered yesterday that my sister, who hates me has always hated me will always hate me yada yada yada, wasn't satisfied with getting hundreds of thousands of $$ from our father in the last years of his life.

A small investment account fell through the crack of his messy financial life, so she missed the chance as POA to change the beneficiary to herself so as to avoid probate and sharing the last bit of inheritance.

Brilliant attorney that is is, she tried, after the fact, to file as an "only child" only to discover that even a Legend in her own Mind attorney must provide documentary proof in the form of certified affidavit.

Seems nobody close to the family was willing to risk the penitentiary and aid and abet her attempted fraud to steal a pittance from her 2 sisters. Or perhaps she was afraid to ask and thereby tarnish her reputation as the one success in our family.

A chat with a surprised customer service rep at the appropriate mutual fund company suggests to me that, having failed to steal the tiny wad for herself, she was hoping to run out the clock by keeping the account active until we all died and then her kids would get it.

The county probate clerk was stunned to have 1 of 3 sisters contact her re: a file for an "only child" that's been abandoned, incomplete, for several years. And even more stunned to learn that, no, she had not learned after filing that she was the beneficiary, that in fact there were 3 beneficiaries to share evenly, that although our father had been dead 3+ years, the account was kept active, and out of "unclaimed properties," by an annual phone call either from her, or as in the most recent contact, by a local rep "reaching out" to let her know she just needs to submit the court docs (which she now cannot possible obtain) for the check to hit the mail.

So now I have a pile of paperwork to complete to see if I can convince her to sign over administration of the account to me so that we can each get our share.

I've also made a list of popular mutual fund companies to see if any other account may have fallen through the cracks and landed in a similar situation. For all I know there could a be bunch of little accounts squirreled away like nuts for winter...

Yay! 5-8" of heavy snow followed by more ice!!!! Weeee! Just what we need!

worst ice I've had in years. Barely got car out of driveway. Bought 150 pounds of rock salt yesterday and today.

Oh, and fell hard in my garage and broke (jestca crack, not compound) my foot. Love slding around carrying water to horses with broke foot!

Gracie at 9-10 months...they grow so fast!!!

Trump announcement to start at 1:30; likely new proposal to end shutdown

He's playing them like a Strad...

First they were sure he'd follow the "Wag the Dog" playbook and start a new war. Instead, he started proceedings to end 2 of them. They retaliated by ending our support for Yemen, saving him the trouble.

Then they were so proud because they stopped taking his name-calling bait. Surely they had him now.

Instead, he cancelled their tax-funded secret jaunt to Afghanistan to check on their business investments and maybe find a way to keep their war going there.

My first thought was "WTF are they doing going to Afghanistan with the shutdown and a million people working w/out pay?!?" Somehow I doubt I was alone in that response.

And then, just one word...BUZZFEED.

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