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Gracie and I were expelled from middle-school, lol!

I was going to drop out anyway, so being expelled gave me a chance to ignore the offer of a couple private sessions instead.

Gracie goes crazy barking in the close indoor quarters. On the rare occasion we actually do something, she focuses immediately. But spending 45 minutes per one-hour session sitting and listening to the so-called trainer explain her own dogs bad behavior is due to her husband's "untraining" is not what I paid for, and bored Gracie wants to get on with the show. Worse, I don't consider feeding her kibble continuously to "lure" her from barking for 20-30 minutes at a stretch to be training. More likely teaching her that barking gets her treats. So the class was already a fail in my book.

I was shocked at our 2nd class when I arrived a few minutes early and was greeted with a snarling, "what were you doing walking around my house?!?" I explained I walked Gracie along the front of the garage (where classes are held) and partly along the side to give her a chance to pee before entering. (The garage is easily 100 feet from her house and I was never more than 5' from the garage and we were outside about 3 minutes total).

Trainer's hostility got worse in the 3rd session. She came over and put a harness on Gracie, who immediately peed a huge puddle. The harness didn't fit, so she took it off and put a different harness on, while Gracie peed a 2nd huge puddle. I saw her sidestep around the puddles, so thought she had seen them. She walked away and didn't return with the mop and bucket. I looked around the room and saw that both the mop and bucket and the strategically placed paper towel rolls, which were prominently available the 1st 2 classes, were missing. Yes, the passive-aggressive bitch left Gracie to sit and then lay in a large puddle of pee.

I'm glad she expelled us. It gave me a chance to be passive-aggressive in return. And I know she'll get hers. Passive-aggressive hubbie either wants his dream garage back or wants to lose the 18 month old lab, or both. He keeps letting the lab loose and unsupervised, and he's started visiting the neighbors. They're next to a sheep farm and across from a house with several large, loud dogs. It's only a matter of time before he's hit or shot. Sad for the dog. He needs a smart, honest owner, not a passive-aggressive combatants!

just got a personal note from the county dem party

addressed to the woman I bought my house from 15 years ago, who moved to New Mexico16 years ago and very likely has been dead for some time.

Wonder if she'll be voting from my address too?

DOJ National Security -- more charges against Russian intel agents

Gracie and Luna

Gracie recently completed her puppy basic behavior class. If there were awards she'd win class clown, class nuisance and class star wannabe!

Here she is with Luna getting ready to go out:

My monarch

While painting my garage back in august I found this:

After 6 weeks of monitoring, while cleaning bunny cages Sunday pm I discovered this:

I moved him to a patch of red clover for safety. When it rained yesterday I put an umbrella over him. I brought samples of the few flowers I have growing. When he still hadn't budged, I called the Midcoast Botanical Society, which recently started a monarch program. Come on down! So I captured him, drove 45 minutes and released him into their well stocked butterfly garden. If I'd kept the camera out a little longer, with a little prompting, he climbed out from his hiding place and spread his wings fully.

While there I learned they plan a release tomorrow, so I may just head back down!

dear senator feinstein

next time you receive a letter with confidential allegations, there is a simple way to pass on the letter while maintaining the writer's confidentiality.

Photocopy the original letter. Black out all identifying information on the copy. Photocopy the copy and forward it along.

Dumb fucks.

I find it hard to believe that a serious student of psychology

suffering major difficulties due to the aftermath of an alleged rape attempt spent her life trying to forget this defining event of her life, yet didn't bother to mention it to a therapist until 2012, 30 years later. And then, to a marriage counselor as opposed to individual therapist. You'd think that she, of all people, would believe that the best way to put it behind her and heal would be to seek the help of a psychotherapist, early and often.

As a survivor of sexual and nonsexual harassment and abuse, and with many friends in the past who confided their sexual abuse, up to and including rape, her current emotional state strikes me as out of proportion to the alleged crime.

I also find it stunning that this supposedly brilliant woman actually believed that she could end a confirmation with an anonymous smear.

And when that anonymous smear failed, still wanting to remain confidential, leaked the smear to the WP.

And still wanting to protect her privacy, refused the opportunity for local, private cognitive testing and testimony.

And doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "exculpatory evidence."

A few other holes in her story:

She could tell Kavanaugh and Judge arrived at the party inebriated, but doesn't know whether she or they arrived at the party first.

Assumes Judge was embarrassed/uncomfortable seeing her at Safeway because of alleged role in alleged rape attempt. Um, maybe he'd just been reamed out. Maybe the country club/private school kid was embarrassed to be seen doing shopping cart duty at the supermarket, as opposed to plum summer internship gained through connections. Any number of explanations.

How did she get home from the party?

Pit Bull evangelists must be the most stupid people on the face of the earth

My pups and I were parked outside the library last week, off hours. I was plugged into the outdoor outlet and sitting in my car, online. Lovely sea breeze blowing through the car. Strange man in his 40s shows up on a bicycle. Strange, this is a small parking lot. I can see kids coming in the evening and using the little lot to practice wheelies, but a man in his 40s just riding around this little lot? As a stalker and loser magnet, I immediately became quite wary.

Heard a growl from my right. I looked at Luna, who has never emitted a warning growl like that before. Then I followed his gaze. A huge pit, off leash, was positioned right under the wide open window. Her muzzle was just a couple inches below the window. She could easily have attacked, and Luna could easily have panicked and attacked her. I've never rolled a window up so fast before. Turned to my left & rolled that window up too, jic.

The man was calling to me. I rolled the pit-side window down a couple inches and yelled to him that my dog was just attacked by a pit a couple weeks ago. "Is that why the ecollar?" "Yes."

He then goes on to explain how he adopted this pit 7 months ago and extols her virtues and how loving she is.

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?! Totally unlike me, but I started screaming at him. My dog is afraid of other dogs. We don't need this NOW. PLEASE!!!!!!! and rolled the window closed. So much for a peaceful hour online. My head was throbbing.

For the Pit Bull Evangelists who may be reading this, here are a couple clues:

1. Just one week before a pit tried to rip Luna's eyeballs out in front of me, her owner extolled the virtues of his adopted loving, goofball pit.

2. Attacks are traumatizing to the victims and affect their behavior permanently.

3. Being caught in the middle of an attack, trying helplessly to rescue your own dog, is traumatizing to owners and changes their outlook permanently.

4. It's not all about your fucking dog. Your dog may be the most loving creature on earth, but that doesn't mean that other people or other dogs won't be afraid. My Jake was a Buddha of Loving Kindness, but that didn't give me a right to force him on random people or dogs who were obviously afraid of him. If I saw somebody was afraid, I kept his leash short and gave them as much space as the sidewalk allowed. Letting him run up to them and terrorize them with his kisses would have done *nothing* to assuage their fears. It would only prove I was an inconsiderate, rude, narcissistic bitch.

5. Timing is everything. Trapping someone in their car with your off leash pit at the door and lecturing them about the virtues of their pit bull and how pits get an undeserved bad rap when they've just told you they have just survived an attack will not win you any converts. It will unduly stress the owner and, assuming the victim survived, the attacked dog.

Springwood's Gift of Grace is a keeper

Her backup name, Weaponized Pee, is filed for future use. She's doing well. Smart, smart, smart. Knows her name, Gracie, "no," "come" and "sit." Still working on "down." Had her first outing yesterday to Tractor Supply, where she was a big hit. Especially with grinning man who overheard BT say, "Gracie, did you just pee-pee on my fingers?"

Luna's doing well. He's made it through her very fresh phase and no longer automatically leaves a room if she's in it, lol. Has played with her a couple times too. Getting fat, though, from all the turkey pepperoni and treats to ease the path. BT has made it through the worst of the exhaustion and sleepless nights.

No new pix with me. Just swung by library from food store on way home. Picked up some microwave "meals" to help when things get too hectic.

over and out.

So my puppy has safely arrived (pix!)

The good news is Luna is ok, not thrilled, but ok. The other good news is she's gorgeous.

The bad news is I should have taken the supersweet, shy couch potato. I'm mad at myself for letting myself be a bit manipulated. I should have pushed to have another week or 2 to meet them, and more time to evaluate Luna's recovery from the attacks.

She is much more wired than I want for either of us. Also spoiled into thinking she can get attention by vocalizing. She is now learning that vocalizing gets her ignored unless she's away from her potty, in which case it gets her left with her indoor potty. She has been getting good at entertaining herself with nice selection of safe toys. She is sweet to cuddle with.

I was annoyed to learn yesterday that she actually isn't 8 weeks until Saturday so the registration is post-dated. Now I'm kind of glad. She hasctl Saturday to settle in. She will be very easy to rehome up here and recoup most of my investment. I'm feeling like I should have walked from my deposit, but that may be lack of sleep following a very long day.
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