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Its almost summer time in Chicago again, you know what that means

open season!! Big opening weekend coming up for the new mayor.

At least 29 people were shot, five fatally, across Chicago over Easter weekend.

The fatalities included a 16-year-old boy who was discovered with a gunshot wound to his chest Saturday in Garfield Park.

Lazarrick Green was found unresponsive about 12:39 p.m. in the 4100 block of West Adams Street, Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

He was taken to Stroger Hospital where he was pronounced dead, authorities said. An autopsy ruled his death a homicide, stating that he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Even North Korea recognizes what Lefty can't

North Korea criticized Joe Biden as a “fool of low IQ” after the presidential hopeful called the country’s leader Kim Jong Un a “dictator and tyrant.”

The country’s official state news agency released a statement that said Biden was “an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being.”

“What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician.”

“Even the American media derided him as a man with ‘manic-obsessive running of the mouth,’ saying that he likes giving a speech but he is not serious in his words,” the statement read.

“This is enough to make a cat laugh.”

Americans feel good about economy and give Trump credit - CBS News poll

Most Americans remain confident about the U.S. economy and in their own financial situation, and more now give President Trump's policies credit for a strong economy than did so last year.

Seven in 10 Americans say the economy is in good shape, including a quarter who say it is very good. Nearly all Republicans and most Democrats and independents share this view.

Americans increasingly give the president credit for the economy. Forty-one percent of those who say the economy is good say President Trump's policies are mostly responsible, up from 32% at the beginning of 2018. Republicans give the President relatively more credit for the economy than Democrats do.

Prosecutors: Shooter who attacked Tennessee church wanted to kill at least 10 white people

Why did Emanuel K. Samson want to kill at least 10 white people when he went on a rampage at a Tennessee church in 2017? According to prosecutors, he wanted revenge for the 2015 church shooting in which white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine black people at Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. From the Tennessean:

During opening statements in the trial against Samson, Deputy District Attorney Amy Hunter said he left a note on the dashboard of his vehicle explaining his plans to retaliate for a 2015 church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, when white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine black worshipers.

The note said “Dylann Roof is less than nothing,” and referenced “the blood that 10 of your kind will shed … in terms of vengeance,” according to portions Hunter read out loud in court.

The end of the note was written in much larger letters. It read, “1 Up Bitch.” In other words, Samson wanted to be one up on Roof’s murder tally.

from Sudan

The second worst Kenyan the USA has ever seen

Health care worker charged with 11 more murders of elderly women in Dallas area

The health care worker who prompted the investigation of hundreds of deaths of elderly patients has been charged with 11 more murders.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, was already being held on a charge of murdering a woman in March 2018, but he is now facing 12 counts of murder as well as a handful of attempted murder charges.

The health care worker has now been charged with killing Phyllis Payne, 91, on May 14, 2016; Phoebe Perry, 94, on June 5, 2016; Norma French, 85, on Oct. 8, 2016; Doris Gleason, 92, on Oct. 29, 2016; Rosemary Curtis, 76, on Jan. 17, 2018; and Mary Brooks on Jan. 31, 2018.

He also has an immigration hold against him filed in Dallas County. Chemirmir is a citizen of Kenya, WFAA reported.

Trump nearly broke

only $434 million in earnings last year.

Re: Loser Lefty to let muderers and terrorists vote, let any immigrant in, and poop in public

Loser Lefty fairyland.

"Rebel rightys to ban all women's rights, buy more opiods and machine guns

Rebel righty utopia!"

Will Barr sign off on his own contempt charge Lefty?

Mueller didn’t give you what you wanted, did he?

Economy added 263,000 jobs in April, unemployment falls to 3.6%, new 50-year low

The labor market turned in a strong showing for the second straight month in April as employers added a booming 263,000 jobs, easing concerns that a slowing global and U.S. economy could dampen hiring.

The unemployment rate fell from 3.8% to 3.6%, a new 50-year low, the Labor Department said Friday.

Economists had estimated that 190,000 jobs were added last month, according to a Bloomberg survey.
Several crosscurrents were expected to affect April employment.

Midwest snowstorms were likely to reduce job gains by about 20,000, Goldman Sachs estimated.

Baltimore teen found guilty of slaying police officer


17 year old 9th grader
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