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Florida woman admits to killing 11-year-old daughter before driving to Buffalo for visit with girls

Erica "Sideshow Bob" Newsome

WEST VIRGINIA (WIVB) – A Jacksonville woman has admitted to police that she killed her 11-year-old daughter after the girl’s body was found inside of a vehicle headed to Buffalo.

. The body of 11-year-old Kaye-lea Plummer was found inside a car driven by her mother, Erica Newsome when Newsome lost control and crashed in West Virginia by the Virginia border Sunday morning.

Since the crash, investigators have determined that the child was killed in Jacksonville, and her body was then loaded into the car.

Kaye-lea’s father, Donath Plummer, lives in Buffalo. Investigators showed up at the Rite Aid on Delaware Avenue Sunday night as Plummer was working to tell him the news.

Feds Increase Partnerships With Local Law Enforcement To Arrest Illegals

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has successfully expanded a program that allows state and local law enforcement to enforce immigration law, The Daily Caller has learned.

The 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement to assist in the arrest and removal of illegal immigrants, has increased from 32 participating agencies in 16 states to 60 participating agencies in 18 states during President Trump’s time in office.

President Trump signed an executive order shortly after getting into office that directed the expansion of the 287(g) program. Former Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly called the program a “highly successful force multiplier” in a February memo and noted that between January 2006 and September 2015 the program identified 402,000 illegal immigrants.

The program was largely gutted by the Obama administration, but is now being put to use again under Trump. These new partnerships have been concentrated in Texas with 18 departments there joining the program in 2017. In July, five agencies in Texas signed 287(g) agreements. An ICE official has told TheDC that this growth will continue, albeit slowly as there are bureaucratic barriers slowing down the signing of agreements.

US jobs report: Trump given good news as economy adds 209,000 jobs in July

“Excellent Jobs Numbers just released,” the president tweeted, “and I have only just begun. Many job stifling regulations continue to fall. Movement back to USA!”

Ahead of the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the president heralded the announcement that Toyota and Mazda would soon be adding 4,000 new jobs at two new US plants.

Two Baltimore murders break 72-hour anti-violence 'ceasefire'

(Reuters) - A 37-year-old man was shot and killed in Baltimore late on Saturday, police said, in the second murder since activists called for a 72-hour "ceasefire" this weekend in response to the city's record homicide rate.

The unidentified victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds just before 10 p.m. on Saturday, a few hours after a 24-year-old man was reported shot and killed. Another shooting, which was not fatal, occurred earlier in the day, police said.

Community leaders had pleaded for a 72-hour pause in the violence during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, using the hashtag #BaltimoreCeasefire on social media. No murders were reported until Saturday afternoon.

The city had recorded a record 204 homicides for the first seven months of the year.

Majority of Americans Have 'Unfavorable View' of Black Lives Matter, Say Black Crime Is a Top Concer

The civil rights activist group Black Lives Matter was first thrust into the public consciousness in 2012, during its first protest following the killing of a 17-year-old unarmed African-American, Trayvon Martin, who was walking home from a convenience store with a bag of Skittles and a drink when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a white man. (????????????!!!!!!!!)

The Harvard-Harris survey, released Monday, found only 43 percent of voters have a positive view of BLM, while more than half of voters—some 57 percent—have an “unfavorable view” of the organization.

Not all that surprisingly, a majority of those who are opposed to the group are white. Only 35 percent of whites feel “favorable” toward BLM, compared to 65 percent who have a negative view of the group. As for black voters, 83 percent feel positively toward BLM, while only 17 percent don’t.
In regard to partisanship, support among Republicans was the lowest—21 percent—and only 18 percent of Republicans who voted for Trump have a favorable view of BLM. Sixty-five percent of Democrats feel positively toward BLM and 66 percent of Democrats who voted for presidential nominee Hillary Clinton favor the group.

Don't get too excited about the jobs report, stock market, and your 401 K

remember Junior had a meeting with a Russian.

Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months

America has added more than a million jobs since President Trump took office.

The U.S. economy added a strong 209,000 jobs in July, more than economists had expected. The unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, matching a 16-year low. Just after the Great Recession in 2009, unemployment peaked at 10%.

"The economy is looking pretty good," said Cathy Barrera, chief economic adviser at ZipRecruiter, the job posting site.

Many economists say the United States is at or near "full employment," meaning the unemployment rate won't go down significantly more.

Obama was great for the gun business and Trump's been terrible

The Obama years were a great time for the gun business.

But since the election of Donald Trump as president and the resulting decline in fears over increased gun regulation, sales in the industry have plummeted.

On Thursday, shares of gunmaker Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR) were down as much as 9% after reporting results Wednesday afternoon that missed expectations. In the second quarter, sales for the company were down 22% against the same period last year while profits fell 53%.
And as the gun control debate raged on in Washington, D.C., gun sales boomed in anticipation of a future in which it was more difficult to buy firearms. The Trump administration, however, has taken this political tailwind away from the industry as consumers no longer fear the government will come to take their guns. The National Rifle Association endorsed Trump for president.

Are "too much capitalism" and "lets try socialism" winning formulas for Lefty to run on?

Given the extraordinary stock market and job creation under Trump.

Health insurers in Idaho request premium rate hikes as high as 81 percent
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