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Ball is in your court now Lefty, no more cover from Mueller. Impeachment or nothing so...


Emmanuel Aranda: Man accused of throwing boy off balcony was 'looking for someone to kill'

One of yours Lefty.


The man charged with throwing a five-year-old boy off a third-floor mall balcony told police he was “looking for someone to kill”, according to prosecutors.

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, of Minneapolis, has been charged with attempted premeditated first-degree murder in Friday’s attack at the Mall of America. He told police he was angry at being rejected by women.

Aranda made his first appearance in court on Tuesday, in which he confirmed he lived in a shelter.

Landen Hoffmann plunged almost 12 metres and is fighting for his life in a Minneapolis hospital with head trauma and multiple broken bones.

Only 4 shot and 1killed at Nipsey memorial

I’d call that a success for Lefty

Democrat freak show poll

Biden 33, Sanders 25, Harris 8, O'Rourke 8, Warren 7, Booker 4, Buttigieg 3, Klobuchar 2, Yang, Castro 1, Hickenlooper 1, Gillibrand 1, Inslee 1

Man found guilty of murdering NYC jogger Karina Vetrano

The defense even tried to "Kavanaugh" the trial deliberations by submission of an anonymous letter claiming police were initially looking for two white guys and they rounded up a bunch of black dudes for DNA tests.

Lewis, 22, was accused of sexually assaulting and murdering the 30-year-old jogger in August 2016 while in the New York City borough of Queens. He was arrested in February 2017 and charged with second-degree murder — but his first trial ended in a hung jury in November.

The jury, who returned a guilty verdict after deliberating for a few hours, heard closing arguments hours earlier in which Queens Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal pushed for a guilty verdict, the New York Post reported.

“He’s the man who murdered Karina. This defendant is the perpetrator," Leventhal said, also showing jurors photos of Vetrano.


Dem debates, which candidate will Biden grope first?

assuming he makes it that far.

In a rare moment of illumination in an otherwise dark void, Katy Tur asks the obvious

MSNBC to Mazie Hirono: If you guys support the Green New Deal, why didn’t you vote for it?

Silver lining for Lefty

You still got Beto.

Man not wearing MAGA hat sucker punches woman in NYC

video at link

He went to Yale apparently


Trump destroys Obama's most well known creation

Trump displays Syria map detailing ISIS territory loss, vows terror network ‘will be gone by tonight’
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