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Clintons and Obama will speak at Cummings' funeral, a fitting tribute to the legacy of Baltimore

Baltimore sees one of its most violent weekends in recent memory with 17 shot, leaving residents beleaguered

Woman doused with gasoline, set afire at Florida Taco Bell black "female"suspect

Here is the female suspect.

Police were called to the Tallahassee restaurant in response to an aggravated battery. By the time officers arrived, the suspect had fled the scene on foot. The victim was taken to the nearby North Florida Fairgrounds and airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries.

Hours after the attack, The Tallahassee Police Department identified the suspect as Mia Williams, 32. A news release from police spokesman Damon Miller said Williams "identifies as a black female" and "was last seen wearing a black shirt with white writing, tan capri styled pants, and a red wrap on her head. Williams also had several necklaces around their neck."

”At this time, (investigators) are on scene trying to basically solve this puzzle, to figure out why this heinous crime was committed,” Miller said.

Miller said investigators don’t know whether the suspect knew the woman or what may have led to the attack.

racist Biden who compared impeachment to lynching and worked with segregationists is No.1

There you go. Bernie is 4th in Iowa now.

Our new CNN poll of potential Democratic voters nationwide shows that Joe Biden is the No. 1 choice for the Democratic presidential nomination, with 34% of voters backing him. That’s up significantly from 24% last month.

Biden leads Elizabeth Warren (19%), Bernie Sanders (16%), Pete Buttigieg (6%), Kamala Harris (6%), Amy Klobuchar (3%) and Beto O’Rourke (3%). No one else is above 3%.

Lefty's Plan A on lynching

Plan A on Lynching Part II

Joe Biden said in 1998 that Clinton impeachment could be seen as 'partisan lynching'

Well heeled Lefty campaigns need to pay wealth tax to help Julian

Julian Castro warns his campaign will be ‘silenced for good’ if he doesn’t reach fundraising goal

Elizabeth Warrens Debate Debut As Dem Frontrunner Brings Near-Low Viewership For CNN

The same could not said for the rating. Snaring 8.3 million viewers, the shindig hosted by CNN and the New York Times finished as the second least-watched debate of the Democratic cycle. Last night’s three-hour run on the Jeff Zucker-led outlet was down 22% from the last time CNN hosted a Dems debate, back on July 31 in what was Night 2 of a two-part event. In fact, the only debate to do worse than last night and its record number of candidates was the first night of the last CNN-aired debate on July 30. That Sanders- and Warren-led campfire of 10 contenders snagged 8.2 million viewers for the WarnerMedia-owned outlet.

It’s broadcast apples to cable avocados, but obviously last night was nowhere near the best ever Dems debate result: 18.1 million tuned into to the NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo event of June 27, the second night of the first yak fest of the season and the debut of then-frontrunner Biden.

Tuesday’s number was also way below the all-time debate high of 24 million when Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans had their first debate in 2015.

Cease fire due to US diplomatic pressure

What’s up with that? Why not endless occupation and war like Lefty wants?

Model socialist country wins seat on UN Human Rights Council, so exciting

Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council

Obama endorses racist but not poor ol' Joe

Former President Barack Obama endorsed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his reelection effort Wednesday, part of an attempt to boost the embattled leader's chances of staying in office.
Obama and Trudeau maintained a friendly relationship while they were both heads of the neighboring countries -- Obama honored Trudeau with the first state dinner for a Canadian since 1997 soon after the young leader was elected. The progressive politicians also met for a beer at a Canadian brewery earlier this year.

"I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President," Obama said. "He's a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term."

Lefty, get your "Stop endless wars" sticker now while supplies last!!

Due to strong demand, we've run out of the big batch of stickers we've printed for free distribution. Additional stickers are only available with donations to support MoveOn's work.

Join our fight to end the U.S. fighting endless wars, and stand alongside those suffering in Yemen, where the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war has killed 85,000 kids and millions are near starvation. Get your sticker, display it proudly, and show friends and family who support peace and diplomacy that they're not alone.
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