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The DNC is hiring!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and feel free to forward on to your contacts. I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.

Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor, report says

She reportedly tweeted: “I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy but … you’re forming a white family (and) reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’ – how is that helping not part of the problem?"

She reportedly ended her arguement suggesting that “white people” should confront their racism and stop perpetuating inequality by leaving their homes for their children.

“Until white people are ready to confront their own family's racism (and) participation in systemic white supremacy, it's not getting dismantled,” she wrote. “Beyond just calling out interpersonal racism, white people who want to be engaged in the work need to ask themselves about housing wealth.”

She added: “White people: do you own your home? When you die, where's wealth in that house going? If it's to your children, you're reproducing (inequality).”

Cool costume


(candidate) Obama Meets With Afghan President

It doesn't look like candidates meeting with foreign leaders is illegal. I am sure someone colluded to set up that meeting.
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama met Sunday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a man Obama has chided for not doing enough to rebuild his war-torn country.
Obama and Karzai held talks and lunched together at the presidential palace in Kabul. Karzai's office released video showing the two men seated in front of a marble fireplace, chatting and smiling. They made no public comment.

Obama has made Afghanistan, where Taliban and al Qaeda-linked militants are resurgent, a centerpiece of his proposed strategy for dealing with terror threats. The candidate has said the war in Afghanistan deserves more troops and more attention as opposed to the conflict in Iraq.

Earlier in the day during breakfast with soldiers at Camp Eggers, a heavily fortified military base in the city, Obama praised the U.S. troops.

Link to indictment for no Russia collusion here

Were tax fraud and illegal lobbying related to Ukraine what Lefty was looking for? Elaborate

That's it? Is there something we should be reading into Russia and the election from this?

No Russia collusion charges, only tax fraud related charges

So the Manafort charges all relate to Ukraine and not Russia

Between at least 2006 and 2015, Manafort and Gates acted as unregistered agents of the Government of Ukraine, the Party of Regions,” the indictment reads. They “generated tens of millions of dollars in income as a result of their Ukraine work. In order to hide Ukraine payments from united States authorities, from approximately 2006 through 2016, Manafort and Gates laundered the money through scores of United States and foreign corporations, partnerships and bank accounts,” and allegedly evaded taxes on the unreported income.

“In total, more than $75 flowed through the offshore accounts,” the indictment continues. Manafort “laundered more than $18 , which was used by him to buy property, goods, and services in the United States, income that he concealed from the United States Treasury, the Department of Justice and others.

While the charges to not appear to be connected to Russian collusion, as special counsel, Mueller has a broad mandate to prosecute any criminal activity stemming from his investigation. Manafort, who was forced to resign from the Trump campaign in August 2016 amid allegations of financial impropriety in Ukraine, has also been tied to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire with close ties to the Kremlin. As NBC News reported earlier this month, companies connected to Deripaska loaned millions of dollars to entities linked to Manafort and registered in Cyprus—an arrangement that alarmed money-laundering experts. A spokesperson for Manafort said at the time that Manafort “did not collude with the Russian government.”

It quickly became evident that Mueller’s investigation would zero in on Manafort, with the special prosecutor engaging in a series of drastic tactics against the former Trump campaign chairman, such as raiding his Virginia home in July and reportedly warning him that an indictment was imminent. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Mueller’s investigative team was working in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York to determine whether Manafort was involved in a money-laundering scheme, and in August, Politico reported that Mueller had teamed up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who was separately investigating Manafort.


Shocking Video: Woman Knocked Out, Witnesses Rob & Take Selfie, Instead Of Calling 911

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a breathtaking, horrifying and jaw-dropping moment caught on surveillance video which has Pittsburgh Police investigating and deeply concerned.

“They don’t treat animals like that. They wouldn’t treat a dog that way,” says a Pittsburgh woman whose daughter is seen being beaten and lying unconscious on a sidewalk in the video.

A surveillance camera captured the incident in Beechview more than a month ago. It shows a man walk up to the woman, kick her leg out and punch her in the face, knocking her out cold. The man then walks away from the scene.

The next moments may be more disturbing. One young man walks up to the woman, looks at her motionless body, then pulls out his phone and takes a video. Four more young people do the same.

NYPD: Man Makes Anti-White Remark, Throws Liquid In 13-Year-Old Girls Face In Queens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating after police said a man made an anti-white remark and splashed a liquid in a 13-year-old girl’s face, causing her eyes to burn during an attack in Queens.

The victim was allegedly attacked after getting off a Q10 bus at Lefferts Boulevard and 101st Avenue in Richmond Hill around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday

Police said the suspect came up behind the girl and when she turned around, he yelled racial remarks and threw the unknown substance on her.

It is believed the liquid was some kind of beverage, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported.
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