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Kareem Hunt

Rethink Kareem Hunt for your fantasy team this week

Lefty gone wild, attacking blind people

18-year-old, juvenile arrested for assault of blind man on Metro Red Line train

WASHINGTON -- An 18-year-old and a juvenile has been arrested for the assault of a blind man who was a passenger on a Metro Red Line train, according to DC police.

Darion Rivers of Prince George's County, Md. has been charged with two counts of assault.

An unidentified juvenile has been charged with three counts of assaults form the same incident, police said. -----------------
One anonymous witness said when the 44-year-old blind man accidentally bumped into the suspects, it started a chain reaction: a confrontation, verbal and physical assault and then good Samaritans jumped in to help the blind man out.

Betomania is here folks

Sorry Kamala and Spartacus. Joe is a has been. That Michelle Obama dude and Megan Markle aren't running so only Bernie and his Antifa mob stand in the way.

Highest segregation in US is in liberal cities

Milwaukee, New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Cleveland round out Apartment List's five most-segregated housing markets — with places like Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington also ranking high on the list.

70% of Mexicans are racist

If you're wondering why the Mexican response to the caravaners' border riot Sunday was so swift – with Mexican-side border reinforcements, 500 arrests, 69 criminal charges filed, and 98 on-the-spot deportations – look no farther than this NBC News item, dug up from the Mexican press:

A poll released Sunday by El Universal, one of Mexico's biggest newspapers, found seven in 10 Mexicans have a negative view about the arrival of the migrant families, with more than half – 52 percent – supporting blocking them from entering the country without legal documents and 55 percent supporting tougher measures on future caravans.

Support for the migrant families has also dropped in the last few months, the survey found. This has implications for President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who takes office on Dec. 1: About half, 52 percent, of Mexicans opposed his announced measure to give work visas to Central American migrants, while 40 percent support the measure.

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Not everyone happy about Mars landing

Happy Thanksgiving all! Thankful for living in a land of bounty

and not in some shithole country.

Fudge for Judge

Fudge wrote a letter of support for judge accused of beating and now murdering his wife. Quite the fudge of character there Lefty.

The Second Coming

Sparked by his narrow defeat in a Texas Senate race, Beto O’Rourke is scrambling the 2020 presidential primary field, freezing Democratic donors and potential campaign staffers in place as they await word of his plans.

Even prior to O’Rourke’s meteoric rise, many Democratic fundraisers had approached the large number of 2020 contenders with apprehension, fearful of committing early to one candidate. But the prospect of a presidential bid by O’Rourke, whose charismatic Senate candidacy captured the party’s imagination, has suddenly rewired the race.

“All the guy would have to do is send out an email to his fundraising base … and he raises $30 million,” the bundler said. “That has totally changed the landscape for the Tier 1 guys, because now Bernie and Warren, now they have competition. It completely changes the game if Beto runs. And he should run … He’s Barack Obama, but white.”
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