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The Joy of Weiner

I haven’t followed too closely as I find her as distasteful as she does of gay male sex and Muslim culture but don’t disagree with her. Her grasping the fallen Weiner strategy shows a profound idiocy.

She seems a relic of 2016 and Hillary so her lofty position in Leftyland strikes me as odd given they have moved closer to Bernie and Venezuela style policies .

And I do wish to add I believe I have never written any hateful things on DI.

Opposition to immigrant sanctuary spreading in California

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — More local governments in California are resisting the state's efforts to resist the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, and political experts see politics at play as Republicans try to fire up voters in a state where the GOP has grown weak.

Since the Jeff Sessions-led Department of Justice sued California last month over its so-called "sanctuary state" law limiting police collaboration with immigration agents, at least a dozen local governments have voted to either join or support the lawsuit or for resolutions opposing the state's position. Those include the Board of Supervisors in Orange County, which has more than 3 million people.

More action is coming this week, with leaders in the Orange County city of Los Alamitos scheduled to vote Monday on a proposal for a local law to exempt the community of 12,000 from the state law. On Tuesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is meeting to consider joining the Trump administration lawsuit.
Under Democratic leadership, California has enacted a series of laws in recent years aimed at helping immigrants, including issuing driver's licenses regardless of legal status and assisting with tuition at state universities. After Trump was elected, lawmakers passed the measure to limit police collaboration with federal immigration agents.

Anybody think we should have voted for the morally fit Hillary Clinton to be president?

Neither do I.

Wouldn't this be a good time for Russia to release the supposedly compromising info on Trump?

Isn't that your charge Lefty? Does Putin have a red line? Or is it sort of like Obama's?

Is the Putin regime starting to question their support for Trump?

I had a party last night and may have called some nonwhite people

Wanted to know if they wanted to meet at Starbucks and discuss differences between Detroit and Wakanda. And why they think Beyoncé has talent. Told them if they got there before us to go ahead and order.

Seems to me that bombing Syria w/o Congressional approval is an impeachable offense

and much more consequential than say peeing on a prostitute.

It would appear that Assad crossed Trump's red line, Obama's not so much

Democrats blast Trump for not seeking congressional approval for Syria strikes

WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats blasted President Donald Trump on Friday night for circumventing Congress in authorizing U.S. strikes against Syria, calling it "unconstitutional" and questioning the strategy.

Many Republicans, on the other hand, applauded the president's move.

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., who has pushed Congress to pass a new authorization for the use of military force, deemed the president's action "illegal" because he proceeded without approval from lawmakers.

Barbara Lee calls strikes illegal

White Helmets stage missile attack on Syria. MSM blames US, France, and UK

Russia responds with a devastating call for a UN meeting while Russia propaganda wankers left speechless.

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