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US voters don't want a socialist or old candidate, bad news for Bernie and Biden

Americans are least favorable toward a presidential candidate who’s a socialist or older than 75, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that said President Donald Trump’s approval rating ticked up in the past month.

Only 25 percent of respondents ranked “socialist” as a desirable trait for a candidate. Only 37 percent said “someone over 75” was desirable, according to the survey, released on Sunday.

Elizabeth Warren now in lead

of candidates voters would never vote for

Kitty said the DNC will rig it for Harris.

I typically avoid saying anything about her because she is such a pathetically unserious candidate but DNC will be Biden no doubt about it. Not sure why Kitty deleted that post since it wasn't anything vulgar or vicious. Not particularly intelligent or insightful mind you, but nothing nasty.

I imagine there is worry that Biden will take the wind out of the sails of the other freak show candidates they prefer.

Impeachment!!! What are you waiting for? Get on with it. n

Joe is so close. Gonna knock off everyone but Bernie

and Lefty will have to rig the primary again

Doesn't impeachment need to happen this year?

Once the primary season opens and voters start choosing Trump its not going to be politically tenable for Lefty to attempt to remove voters' preferred candidate. Its not like the Democrat primaries.

I hear Cohen will say Trump is a racist. What else do you need to remove someone like that from office?

Democrat socialism is the good socialism that works

If it doesn't work, its just socialism. Venezuela and Cuba are socialist. They aren't Democratic-socialist because that is the good socialism that works. Wakanda and Norway are Democratic-socialist nations.

Any questions? Meow meow.

Why is the racist and rapist Democrat government still in charge in VA?

meanwhile the fake Russia investigation is 2+ years, and even Jussie lasted a month.

Why is Lefty even more racist, sexually violent, and anti-Semitic than usual lately?

Seems you have a lot of issues to work out.

Puting "smirking at an Indian" in perspective


A group of pistol-packing teens and a 12-year-old girl are facing murder charges after they allegedly robbed and shot to death a rising country music star in Nashville, police said.

The accused killers accosted 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets behind his home and opened fire when he refused to give them his car keys, they said.

see also

5 juveniles charged with fatally shooting musician

5 juveniles charged with fatally shooting musician

The suspects were identified as Diamond Lewis, 15; Roniyah McKnight, 14; Decorrius Wright, 16; as well as the 12-year-old and a 13-year-old boy whose names were withheld because of their ages.

Prosecutors plan to charge them as adults, the Nashville Tennessean reported.
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