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Biden supporters continue to riot tonight


All the authorities seem frozen: Howard Dean calls out ineffective Dem Mayor Jacob Frey over Min

Not a good look when Howard Dean calls you a pussy

Leftwing terrorism spreads nationwide

Minn gov activates Guard to stop leftwing terrorism

Looting in St. Paul, Target of course (and other businesses)

Hillary "still not president" Clinton calls armed Michigan lockdown protests 'domestic terrorism'

How about those losers in Minneapolis?

MSNBC needs help understanding the difference between the Minn and Mich protests

Chris Hayes showed images from the protests in Minneapolis and lockdown events at state capitals on his show last night saying they showed the “uneven reactions” by authorities:

Seems he got his answer

A good amount of the looters are wearing masks

We have to give credit to Lefty for winning the mask war. Although quite a few also have them around their necks exposing their faces and thus not appreciating the other purpose of covering your face particularly while committing crime. Nonetheless, the base is getting the message.

They haven't been quite as successful insisting on indefinite suspension of civil liberties though.

Texas Is Open And Governor Greg Abbott Says State Has Fewest Coronavirus Fatalities Since March

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Memorial Day marked the day that his state had the lowest number of coronavirus-related fatalities since March and the lowest number of hospitalizations from the disease since April.

“Today Texas had the fewest #COVID19 fatalities since the end of March,” the Republican governor tweeted late Monday evening. “We also had the fewest COVID hospitalizations since the middle of April. And, we have the 2nd most recoveries from COVID in America.”

Chicago returning to normal

'Nothing short of alarming': Despite stay-at-home orders, 49 people shot in Chicago in Memorial Day gun violence
At least 89 arrests were made and 216 guns seized during the holiday weekend.

Honorable mention to Baltimore and St. Louis. Nice job Lefty.

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