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Smollett threat letter called "enormous mistake"...Federal charges "certain".

On Friday, Jan. 18th, a letter was dropped into a mailbox in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

The envelope was addressed in childlike scrawl to Empire TV star Jussie Smollett at Cinespace Studios, a West Side production facility that the Fox program calls home. “MAGA”—the acronym for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”—was sloppily written in the return address space.

In a conversation on Feb. 8th, before police met with brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, a leading source within the Smollett attack investigation called the hate crime a "false flag" and said “There is a direct line between (the letter) and (the purported attack)." In the same conversation, the source hinted at what was to come: "This is not a whodunit. It's a how-many-people-dunit."

Whoever mailed the letter "made an enormous mistake," we were told. Federal charges were "certain."

A law firm partner who asked not to be identified by name spoke with us about the federal problems ahead for whoever mailed the letter: “If they have Smollett on the letter, he’ll be facing ’terroristic hoax’ charges, a felony. There may be federal obstruction charges as well.”

All in all, the federal legal options are numerous: “If they want to bury him, they can.”

Meanwhile, the Osundairo brothers are reportedly holed up in a Chicago hotel with police protection.


MUCH more at the link.

Jussie is in big trouble.

A revealing window into the mind of a modern day leftist.

Just wow.

National Treasure James Woods, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Autopsy of a Dead Coup

Autopsy of a Dead Coup

By Victor Davis Hanson| February 17th, 2019

The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign’s use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed.

So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. There are many elements to what in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president.

In sum, the Left and the administrative state, in concert with the media, after failing to stop the Trump campaign, regrouped. They ginned up a media-induced public hysteria, with the residue of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s illegal opposition research, and manipulated it to put in place a special counsel, stocked with partisans.

Then, not thugs in sunglasses and epaulettes, not oligarchs in private jets, not shaggy would-be Marxists, but sanctimonious arrogant bureaucrats in suits and ties used their government agencies to seek to overturn the 2016 election, abort a presidency, and subvert the U.S. Constitution. And they did all that and more on the premise that they were our moral superiors and had uniquely divine rights to destroy a presidency that they loathed.

Shame on all these failed conspirators and their abettors, and may these immoral people finally earn a long deserved legal and moral reckoning.


MUCH more at the link, an Excellent read.

Hillary puts down the bottle long enough to spout off about national emergencies.

Katie Pavlich puts her in her place though:

Smollett posters going up in LA.

Fauxcahontis speaks about the GA election as an expert.

The gun grabbing loon dems are making a push!

Dem voters: Do you support harris lying about background check support?

Former obama adviser blasts aoc "most economically ignorant statement I have ever read."

Jon gruber on whether 'medicare for all' helps dems run against Trump in 2020.

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