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Interesting results from Judicialwatch FOIA

Mueller apparently allowed weissmann to do all the hiring, among other interesting things.

Rahm Emanuel becomes contributing editor for The Atlantic

"Trump Won't Win". Part 4 of an ongoing educational series...

For those MSM co-dependents among us.

The RNC has 25 times the warchest of the dnc. New fec numbers.

Kamala harris demands accountability for those who pay women less than men...

In other completely unrelated news...

"Why don't Trump supporters and Republicans want Mueller to testify?"

The GoT fun 80s ending..

'Moderate doctor jekyll' biden flip flops into far leftist Mr. Anti-hyde

"Barr used the word spying but he immediately backed off on it. He backed off again and again."

Because its just too good of an example of MSM co-dependency to be buried deep in a thread.

'The end of trumps presidency' part 3 of an educational series

For those MS co-dependents among us.

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