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Don't do it: "very famous people...want to redo Norman Lears The Princess Bride"

Don't do it.

Just say no.

Metallica, in the (White) House!

Dems tip their hand again.

"There is no "good guy with a gun"

One sample of their 'wisdom'...

"We don’t have more televisions than people. We don’t have more radios than people. We don’t have more cell phones than people. ."

I would bet, given the "upgrade every 3 months" way that so many go through phones, and have been doing so for a decade or better... we probably have twice as many cell phones as people.

"LicensedTo Lie"

This is an excellent vid, folks, and well worth your time to watch.

In part, it is a history of the exploits of andy weissmann and his ilk, but it also delves into eric holders justice department, and obamas "scandal free" presidency.

Her predictions for the future from 2015 alone, will make your jaw drop.

It looks like team joe isn't the only team with no self awareness.

"No community should be dumped on."


"You're just saying "let him rape someone more vulnerable"."

This is the sort of person who would presume to lord over us, folks, after taking our guns.

Just say NO.

Yougov favorability poll: Trump vs biden vs bernie.

Joe kennedy endorses abolition of electoral college and more.

"And Kennedy really started sounding like a candidate when pressed to expand on the systemic change he has said he could bring to Washington. In our interview, he endorsed several controversial ideas that have been floated in recent months – abolishing the electoral college system that can and does award the presidency to the popular vote loser, installing term limits on Supreme Court judges, and doing away with the Senate filibuster, a tactic often used to block bills that have majority support."

Modern day dems and leftists: When they can't win or get their way, what is their next move?

Change the rules.

Leftist gun control narrative: Busted!

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