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Wynonas got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends...

Pelosis Choice: willing to keep U.S. government closed forever before shell fund border wall

Because illegal alien immigrants are central to the future and plans of the dem party.

Could mueller be in some trouble?OIG report says...

Once in a while, a pol slips up and shows their inner totalitarian.

"The days of presidential immunity are over. We're going to conduct fairer investigations than he deserves. But there's not going to be a rush to judgment here. We're going to put together an impenetrable case, and if he crossed a red line, he'll be held accountable."

Thats eric swalwell aka cap'n nukepantz. Think about what he said for a minute:

"fairer investigations than he deserves"

If these people thought they could get away with it, they'd forcibly remove every last bit of our influence one way or the other...and probably call it democracy while they did it.

"Most times a man will tell you his bad intentions if you listen, let yourself hear."

Cnn gets burned.

Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox (D) arrested by FBI, hit with 44-count indictment

Modern day left: This childs deaths is on you.

Own it as the cost of modern day leftist identity politics that we all, you included, know that it is.

"Republican" james comey...

The popularity of gun control, a real world measurement.

Good idea or bad idea, this homework assignment?

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