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"The Media's Guide to Protesters".

As applicable today as it was the day it was minted.

Harris is willing to send cops to people's homes to confiscate banned firearms

(What could possibly go wrong?)

Louder kammy!

Lest we forget about the previous Presidents words...

"Dear Hollywood - Please Keep Destroying My Childhood"


Imagine if President Trump tweeted similarly about the modern day left...

"The Left always goes for the sugar rush"

How many lefties are now calling for gun bans...

Because some people did something?

""This morning I left my community of Baltimore, a drug infested area..."

Another leftist narrative busted.

"Diversity is our strength".

The top echelon of staffers at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee left their jobs Monday, a shakeup following a pair of POLITICO stories detailing deep unease with the party’s campaign apparatus over a lack of diversity.

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