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The President responds to the pelosi hissyfit.

WAPO and its unbiased 'journalists'.

Gaetz brings the house down!

Shes a scholar of the "law of democracy" , folks.

Can we just call her 'professor mob rule' then?

Turley wrecks the dems to their faces.

Those gun grabbing leftists are doing great folks!

Swalwell, harris, beto, whos out next?

Move over, "No Malarkey"...

Surely, its all just a huge coincidence, folks...Nothing to see here.

A thread for the 'page is a victim' folks.

Not a one of you "shes a victim" folks so much bat an eye at the daily beast deceiving you, nor would you hesitate to use them as a source again, because they mislead in an attempt to paint a picture which you agree with, and wish was reality.

One of these things is not like the others...
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