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MSM mourns katie hill...for those MSM co-dependents among us...

A post that didn't age well.

"Democrats are taking this head on and they want him gone.

The Democrats will be seen as having a zero tolerance for racism while the Republicans are the party of Kavanaugh and Trump the racist."

Durham is "at a point where he knows he has crimes"...

"and they have a pretty good idea of that group of people"

This is why the dems are spastically freaking out.

"Lets kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy"

Cnn dives deep into hero dogs history...

Dem hills husband says she used her influence to get him multiple jobs at her old non-profit

Looks like modern lefty is lying again: Republicans didn't change the rules the way the left claims

"A tale of two cities"

Don't you dare call it a lynching!

Biden says he'd make ergodan pay a heavy price...

At least 1 billion I bet.

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