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Glenn Reynolds nails it.

Trump is playing with the press: Glenn Reynolds

Why are the relations between Donald Trump and the press so bad? There are two reasons. One is that Trump is a Republican, and the press consists overwhelmingly of Democrats. But the other reason is that Trump likes it this way, because when the press is constantly attacking him over trivialities, it strengthens his position and weakens the press. Trump’s “outrageous” statements and tweets aren’t the product of impulsiveness, but part of a carefully maintained strategy that the press is too impulsive to resist.

The first thing to understand is that one of the changes going on with Trump generally is the renegotiation of various post-World War II institutional arrangements. One of those is the institutional arrangement involving the press and the White House. For decades, the press got special status because it was seen as both powerful and institutionally responsible. (And, of course, allied with the Democrats, who were mostly in charge of setting up those postwar institutional arrangements). Press quarters inside the White House and daily press briefings made it easy for everyone to get together on the story of the day.

Now those things have changed. If the press were powerful, it would have beaten Trump. If it were responsible, it wouldn’t be running away with fake news whenever it sees a chance to run something damaging to Trump. And, of course, there’s no alliance between Trump and the media, as there was with Obama.

So things will change. The press’s “insider” status — which it cherishes — is going to fade, with Trump’s press people even talking about moving them out of the White House entirely, and ignoring their existing pecking order in press conferences. (This is producing waves of status anxiety, as are many other Trump-induced institutional changes). And, having abandoned, quite openly, any pretense of objectivity and neutrality in the election, the press is going to be treated as an enemy by the Trump administration until further notice.

They’re taking the bait because they think he’s dumb, and impulsive, and lacking self-control — but he’s the one causing them to act in ways that are dumb and impulsive, and demonstrate lack of self-control. As Richard Fernandez writes on Facebook, they think he’s dumb because they think he has lousy taste, but there are a lot of scarily competent guys out there in the world who like white and gold furniture. And, I should note, Trump has more media experience than probably 99% of the people covering him. (As Obama operative Ben Rhodes gloated with regard to selling a dishonest story on the Iran deal, the average reporter the Obama White House dealt with “is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns.” In Rhodes’ words, “they literally know nothing.”)

Looking back, since november 8th, you can see this being played out. it is really worth reading the whole piece.

The premise: ID requirements disproportionately effect minorities. Defend it...

The premise: ID requirements disproportionately effect minorities.

Defend it when the requirement is applied to gun purchases.

This should make your day. Omarosa on 'the view".

Her part starts at 13:10. Putting joy into joy behar:

Now, I personally can't stand the view. My wife calls them a bunch of clucking hens. But the look on joys face is priceless.

This is what it looks like, when someone picks up leftys club...

This is what it looks like, when someone pick up leftys club, and proceed to beat him mercilessly with it:


What is the predominant response you get from the left...

What is the predominant response you get from the left when you disagree with the left on a policy position?

Not just here on DI, but what do you see on DU, article comments at WAPO, sites for both sides, on facebook, on twitter, everywhere.

Rank them if you want.

Sincere questions to left leaning DI posters.

I've seen all the complaints:

"Righties continue to be rude, bitter, nasty, uncaring and petty". "mean spirited".

"It's not in their nature. To be anything but, rude, nasty, uncaring and petty."

Given the way the right has been treated for the last 8 the leftist MSM, by president obama, by lefties at large all over...given that leftist doctrine says that people who disagree with leftist/democrat policy are an ist, are engaging in an ism, or are afflcted with a phobia...

First, what kind of treatment is fair and equitable in return?

Second, what kind of treatment did you expect in return?

Someone needs a safe space...

Woman’s Crusade Against Resident’s Pro-Trump Signs Lands Her In Hot Water

6:16 PM 09/23/2016

A woman named “Sarah” upset over a local resident’s Trump/Pence and “Hillary for Prison” lawn signs flipped off the owner of the house as she drove by. The owner of the house jumped in his own car and followed the woman while taking photos of the woman’s vehicle.

A law enforcement officer pulled over both vehicles to the side of the road and the woman turned on her video camera and began talking to her “followers” about the incident. Her camera continued to record even when the police officer spoke to her.

“If you remember, I posted a picture of a house that had a bunch of Pence and Trump signs and a Hillary for prison signs and I have to pass it every single day. And I was passing it today just a little while ago on my way to go pick up Ben from school and there was a big ugly red neck guy standing in the driveway, so I gave him the finger which I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights,” Sarah said.

“Hi, sir. We’re recording this just because I’m on social media and I have a lot of followers and that guy chased me and followed me and scared me,” she said, adding that he drove his car “super fast” behind her car while “honking his horn and coming after” her and taking photos.

“I didn’t start a fight. I gave a man a finger while he was standing in a driveway and I was driving by—okay that’s starting a fight. I’m a shit starter. That’s me. I’m moving on now. That’s police work. There’s your tax dollars at work there,” she said “Okay? Men will always have the upper hand on a woman in this country until we elect a woman who shatters the glass ceiling. Okay? So that’s what happened.”

Someone needs a safe space, maybe some puppies and hot cocoa.

Watching Red Dawn tonight...

In solidarity with the lefties and CAians buying guns and stocking up lefty prepper style.

The chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall.

John has a long mustache, John has a long mustache.

My god. How did we ever miss this.

Just do it?

I think its hillarious.

That lefty is flailing around trying to talk us out of supporting the things we elected trump to do.

Anyone else think its funny?

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