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Latino Victory Pulls add, but they aren't sincere.

Modern day lefty mouthpiece joy reid has a selective memory, gang.

CNN is FAKE NEWS and heres another example of why.



Authorities release name of alleged amish NY terrorist


And heres Dick a few years prior, getting gropey on teevee. Looks like jimmy kimmel knew:

What is a modern day lefty to do?

Side with a Trump, or side with andy dick?

Podesta lawyer geoff garinther threatens fox news, copyright threat about quoting threat letter too

You gotta hear this with your own ears to believe it.

Just a clue for those in denial: Crooked meemaws halloween costume.

What a shock: Womens Marchs Linda Sarsour a card-carrying socialist organizer

The big draw at the Womens March conference: Confronting White Womanhood

Please please please keep it up until midterms.

Remember when dingy harry sent that one letter?

Harry Reid’s incendiary claim about ‘coordination’ between Donald Trump and Russia
By Aaron Blake October 31, 2016

And that's not even the most brazen claim in the letter — not by a long shot.

In the course of arguing that Comey's disclosure that the FBI is looking into new Hillary Clinton investigation emails may have violated the Hatch Act, Reid slips in an extremely bold claim about the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

"In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity. The public has a right to know this information. I wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the public. There is no danger to American interests from releasing it. And yet, you continue to resist calls to inform the public of this critical information."

Even for a man known for bare-knuckle politics, this is remarkable.

Reid is saying that he has been told the FBI has evidence of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. And he's not just saying this information came from mysterious and unnamed national security officials; he's saying Comey himself has left him with this impression.

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