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Rumor: Broadway is about to get hit re: sexual harassment

Sanctuary state lefty sez: Keeping more of your own money is immoral.

"Right wing authoritarian Trump", Kate Steinle, The Bundys: Poll on Authoritarianism.

The left was calling for Bundy hides for simply pointing a gun in the direction of leo at the bundy standoff. The bundy folks never fired a single round. The Bundys didn't kill anyone.

The Bundys, who are American citizens, were taken by the feds the moment they were found not guilty in state court, under a left wing democrat administration.

Kates killer, Garcia Zarate, is a repeat felon and illegal alien. He was not only NOT taken by the feds under the Trump administration, but given every assistance by the sanctuary city within the sanctuary state, after the verdict in state court.

(This is perhaps something that needs to change, since dems approved of it with Bundy, and it wasn't authoritarian then.)

Which administration was/is more authoritarian?

The ILLEGAL ALIEN who killed kate was prosecuted at the state level, correct?

Can a federal case be made?

I suspect this short term "win" inside the bubble is going to end up costing its inhabitants far far more in the long run, in ways they haven't even begun to consider yet. I believe 100 percent that the verdict was political, and I believe 100 percent that it will be rightly seen far and wide as such.

From a justice standpoint, justice was not served.

From a political standpoint, I think this this was the worst possible outcome for sanctuary cities, states, and those who support them along with illegal immigration.

Instead of some semblance of closure, a gaping wound exists in its place along with a slap in the face.

Rep. Tim Ryan calls on both John Conyers and Al Franken to resign

Rep. Blackburn vows to blow the lid off Congress harassment hush fund and name names


The modern day inclusive politically correct feminist left speaks out on sarah sanders.

Midterms are coming, modern day lefty. You should worry about your own back yard, most ricky tic.

Conyers lawyer bitchslaps pelosi.

Oh this is going to be fun to watch.

Gillibrand on franken: "It's his decision."


Rep. Clyburn, highest-ranking African-American Dem in Congress, calls for John Conyers to resign.

Is it time to grab a fork yet?
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