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Love Trumps Hate.

Do you lefties realize how big a bullet you just dodged, when someone caught this and put out her hair?

Tell me more about how 'love trumps hate', and how it was put into practice at this particular womens march.

I love waffles.

Imagery and symbolism.

The modern left believes in the language of imagery and symbolism. Representations.

With that in mind I'd like to present a graphical representation to the modern left, of whats been happening to it the whole time since things have been going...not their way.

See the biker breaking that chain of people interfering with the rights of others? That man has my respect. I imagine opinions may vary, and others will have more respect for those wearing the masks. So much the better.
What that biker did, is what non-leftist America did to you on election day, and this is what it continues to do to you now:

This is what you're up against, and its going to be lots of fun, because there is no answer to "I don't give a fuck", when it is properly applied to leftist nonsense in appropriate doses.

Women marched yesterday.

Women marched yesterday. In case anyone didn't know.

That is all.

Lets discuss "our broken immigration system".

To start out with, calling it broken based on the wishes of noncitizens or the amount of people waiting, is a false premise.

Whether it is broken or not, is a function of what the American People want, and what works for America.

Nothing more, nothing less.

2 days in might be a touch early...

to be screaming "Just look at all those campaign promises he broke!"

Just sayin.

Reality Check.

If a man had for 8 years treated his wife the way that democrats and the left have treated rural Americans and other people that disagree with democrat policies... The slurs (surely nobody needs an example of that), the bullying, the talking down the nose, the incessant demeaning tone...

If a man had treated his wife that way for 8 years, the left would have nothing but sympathy for the wife, point out that this is without question abuse, and be calling the husband a monster who needs to be locked away forever. Everyone here knows that to be true, denials or not.

But treat conservative Americans and Americans that disagree with leftist policy that way en masse and the left cheers.

Reality Check.

The liberal translation guide.

The Liberal Translation Guide: 20 Translations of Things That Liberals Say

John Hawkins |Posted: Jan 21, 2017 12:01 AM Share (3K)

1) “Peaceful Protest” – No liberals were hurt while throwing bricks through windows, demanding “Death to the pigs” or getting together in large gangs to waylay small, lone counter protesters from behind.

3) “The Constitution” – An outdated, irrelevant document that should be ignored unless you are claiming that some liberal agenda item is guaranteed by it despite the fact that no one noticed it for 200 years.

4) “Fascist” -- People who want to cut spending, abide by the Constitution and get the government off your back.

13) “Bipartisanship” – When Republicans cooperate with Democrats to push the liberal agenda. Not to be confused with “selling out” which happens when liberals cooperate with Republicans to push their agenda.

16) “A Courageous Speech” -- When one liberal gives a self-congratulatory speech to another group of liberals that restates things they all believe.

These things would be funny if they weren't true. There are 20 total. Enjoy.

Do you support Peyton Manning?

Election night, relive it.

I like this one best:

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