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"The NRA is a terrorist organization".Nope. Here's how you prove it.

Someone made an interesting observation.

It was in the context of the gun debate, but it rings true in the general sense too.


"Nazis are not welcome in civil society"

Frankensteins monster running amok.

Hey, modern day lefty: YOU built that.

It's 'Politically Incorrect Movie night again!

Tonights choice:


The LMAO tweet of the day, at least for me.



Wow. Dems just keep stepping in it on guns.
And she is getting savaged:

Why nobody trusts the media on guns.

Eric holder got the end of black panther.

I didn't find the movie to be sleep inducing.

Did a movement get punked on while interviewing on CNN?

Scroll to the 5:02 mark and play it expanded.

Whether that was to punk em, or just to be funny, that's pretty damned funny.

New details emerge about Scot Peterson
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