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Republican Sponsored Immigration Amnesty.

I just got back from a few days out in the field. Magnificent mid 60 degree days, next to a softly bubbling river, and cool mid 30 to mid 40 degree nights huddled next to the campfire, then cuddled up together with our sleeping bags and liners zipped together - Myself and the Mrs.

We had a great time, and I had a lot of time to relax and think.

On the immigration issue, it occured to me that there IS an amnesty that I could support.

My proposal is as follows:

We grant a 1 time amnesty to everyone who is in the legal line to become citizens - that is, all those who are doing it right, welcome to America, fellow Citizens.

Clear the queue entirely.

Attach border wall funding to it.

Thoughts lefties and righties?

Kanye west and john legend have a text exchange, and it makes it to twitter.

We're starting to see the real definition of "woke" right there, folks.

Watch out for the Big Blue Wave.

Uh oh. Kanye just called out obama by name, about chicago no less.
Hollywood only WISHES it could do comedy this well.

Some among us say that a REAL Indian is "bottom of the barrel".

See this thread:

Wow, just wow.

Some tweets by twits just don't age well.

Guess where david hogg and ripley jr likely got their political beliefs.

Pittman is a HISTORY teacher:

Hogg boy is going to be mad when Kyle gets a big payday, and he doesn't.

Heap big trouble: 'Real Indian' running against warren sues,city tells him to stop calling her fake

Getcha popcorn ready folks.

"Comey has no credibility - except for when he talks bad about Trump then "I believe him."

"We was ROBBED!!"

Who presided over that election again?

Someone remind me.
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