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Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed up to 20 staff members at the jail where Epstein killed himself

About that joe walsh primary bid...

Good luck with THAT.

Chicago judge names special prosecutor to investigate dropping of charges against Jussie Smollet

The new special prosecutor, Dan Webb, a Republican, is a former United States attorney and worked as a special counsel in the Iran-contra affair. The announcement came two months after Judge Michael P. Toomin of Cook County ordered that a lawyer be appointed to take another look at the case. The judge was charged with finding someone to assess whether there was any misconduct in the way the case was managed and whether there is justification for renewing the prosecution of Mr. Smollett, whose felony charges were dropped in March.

Yesterday cnn complained loudly about Fox hiring Sanders. Today, cnn hires the distinguished...

Lying, leaking, recommended for prosecution, andy mccabe:

For those MSM co-dependents among us.

Just in from that bastion of sanity, PETA...

The walls are closing in!

That is all.

Portland Police: 'We Wish There Were Some Kind Of Organized, Armed Force That Could Fight Antifa...

So good.

Get woke, go broke. Gillette wokeness cost the company 8 to 12 BILLION dollars.

Pro #Hillary bias was enough to convince up to 10.4 million voters to vote for Hillary.

Dem candidate: "Who is antifa?"

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