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Uh oh: Warren says she believes Lucy Flores who accused Biden of inappropriate behavior.

Getcha popcorn ready:

If only the Mayans and Mesopotamians had given up their cars and their coal...

Restricting gun sales cost Dicks $150 MILLION last year.

Thats some mighty expensive wokeness.

Rahm: police are "finalizing the cost" of smollett case, will be sending him a bill.

Oh, and a note about this "first time offender" business:

2 GOP senators obtain the 'schiff report', containing schiffs evidence of collusion...

How long has Mueller known there was no Trump-Russia collusion?

Chicago Police release investigative file of @jussiesmollett case.

Soothing tunes for modern day lefty.

"mueller is a life long republican"

I've never understood why so many have been praising and worshipping a Republican anyway
Mueller is a lifelong Republican. Everytime I mentioned that I was told over and over "yes he is, but he's different".

We don't know what's in the report. All we know is how Washington is reacting. And I don't see a reaction that reflects a President on his way out.

Time will tell. But I think the worship of Republican Mueller will be a little less over the coming days and weeks.

You all knew it was coming, folks.

Dem senator gillibrand: Expand Social Security to all illegal immigrants

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