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Radio Shack 12-243

I recently grabbed one up at a yard sale for a quarter.

Works like a charm.

One can never really have too many weather radios if one lives in areas prone to severe weather.

Thought of you when I bought it, WW.

Deadwood: The Movie trailer

About fuckin time!

Biden just can't help it, hes a walking gaffe machine.

Biden secures the coveted Avenatti endorsement.

Fairfax campaign has a new logo...

obama FBI had to go to obamas office to find emails that clinton tried to destroy or hide

Uh oh.

Osundairo brothers file federal defamation lawsuit against smolletts legal team.

If a special counsel is appointed to investigate fisa/spying, I want this fella.

Just WOW.

America. Better under obama or Trump?

A major brown-out in San Francisco?

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