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Something seems to have simultaneously released multiple bees into multiple bonnets.

Thats no way to go through life.

Resist and reject the vinegar of hostility and choose the wine of purity, choose to thrive and be happy.

Dem senator sez: "Mexico doing Trumps dirty work"

If that isn't confirmation that dems WANT more bodies here, presumably for electoral purposes, I don't know what is.

Modern lefty sez: " Right-wingers having to check Harris' pedigree..."

" see if she's black enough to hate. Beyond pathetic."

Poor, angry modern lefty:

Antifa begins the doxxing of ICE: "photos, locations, and job titles". Hollywood actress approves.

This will lead to bloodshed.

They're spinning up the open borders/amnesty talking points.

"Guilt guilt guilt!"

"Guilt guilt guilt!"

Sorry lefties, we're fresh out of guilt.

Overheard by a WAPO reporter at the dem debate...

Imagine that.

Willie brown in the news, talking about dem candidates.

The gaffe machine is reaching operating temperature.

Tonights debate, like last night, looks more like a press conference than a debate.

"Lets google it". Part 10 in an ongoing educational series...

For those MSM co-dependents among us.

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