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The lawyer who represented the guy smashing Hilary's phones with a hammer is now on Mueller's

special counsel investigation.

Guitar Center going out of business because the Boomers are dropping like flies.

Good riddance to both.

Seen just now on DU:

"Uber/Lyft is the Walmart of taxi's, where rich white dudes pocket the money, and mainly PoC immigrants work for slave wages, and own nothing of value."

Lol. They can barely feed themselves much less comprehend costs and captive margins. A joke.

What would a huge Democrat exodus out of America look like?

They obviously feel oppressed and unwelcome.

Just wondering what that kind of mass migration would look like, what ports they would escape through, where would they go? Canada?

The ONLY thing that has held back the Democrat scourge has been abortion. Give them all they can

get. PAY for it.

Saves us a future street battle.

Parkland hoax reminder:

Nat'l Geographic shames itself by publishing anti-global warming propaganda.

Trumps body language is saying "get this fucking train wreck AWAY from me"!

Anything the President "may" have done wrong pales in comparison to the damage Democrats are

doing now.

They are the enemy next door and will be humanities biggest challenge over the next 5-10 years while they, like all communists and Marxist eventually are, brought under control.

Micheal Cohen has his friends standing with him and has a pardon at the end of the rainbow.

Andrew McCabe has had his buddies toss him under the bus and is far too pretty for jail.

Gee, I wonder who flips?
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