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Wow, so Meuller probe is looking at Democrats now for collusion. I'm not surprised.

They are very corrupt.

Great photo of Hillary yesterday. Quite the broken toe!


About this time last year...

Poll: DACA kids are illegals graciously receiving "deferred action" yes or no.

So a bunch of disabled folks with free housing want bigger free houses and are terrorizing

politicians in their homes to get it.

Access Across America

ADAPT’s Platform on Housing

Some Background…

There are over 2 million people with disabilities of all ages in nursing homes and other institutions;
Over 250,000 people in nursing homes want to return to the community;
The Supreme Court and the Bush administration have said states and federal government should work to solve this problem, yet HUD has done almost nothing.
HUD has no program that coordinates accessible, affordable, integrated housing for individuals who want to return to the community;
Money Follows the Person is a 5 year federally mandated grant program through CMS that helps states identify and move people who want out of nursing homes and other institutions and get services in the community;
Multi-year waiting lists for all subsidized housing and lack of affordable, accessible, integrated housing options force people with disabilities to remain or go into nursing homes and other institutions.

Lets see those ignore lists!

Democrats appointed a DACA illegal to a leadership post in their party. Seriously.

They haven't learned a single thing. Damnedest thing I have ever seen.

"Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez has nominated 75 people to become new at-large DNC members, including a transgender woman and a woman protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, according to a list obtained by The Hill."

Blue states getting redder, red states getting redder. (well of course they are. Normal Americans)"

"October’s voter registration changes measured against last November continue to show Republican strength, almost across the board.

Certainly in the “battleground” states, the Democrats are looking at a very bleak picture.

A reminder that these are net changes—some states have seen voter registration increases, some decreases as rolls are purged—but the key is the net gain or loss of one party against the other."

IF rational observation was likely, then posters here could only conclude that my views

about the female of our species came from an overdose of interactions with them.

But because those same critics have kept their distance and allowed the "mystical and unknowable woman" myth to infect their worldview and thereby keep them at a safe distance from discovering their true nature, they project that same wanting for clear-eyed data onto another.

It's a fascinating perspective really, but does nothing to explain the 2 distinct sets of "books" that women use to navigate inter gender dynamics.

It does much, however, to rationalize why seemingly smart men capable of much better thought simply choose to throw up their hands and proclaim that "women are unknowable" all the while fulfilling the patent wish of those ladiez to remain that way.

NSFW! Here is how Democrats want your women treated to virtue signal for Islam.

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