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CNN. Its real.

There is a deep feeling spreading in the black community that Democrats treat them as pets.

We should start a conversation about limiting the 19th Amendment. It's being abused.

Why spend money on infrastructure now when the Civil War is just gonna wreck it all?

Lefty: "Football been gooooodddd to me!"

Lefty's big ideas are falling dead to simple truths.

Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK

France is lost, England lost. If we can't suppress Lefty's here quickly, be an issue inside 5yr.

Antifa/Democrat/Self-Hating White sought by FBI for threats to President. $10K reward. Photo.

Shawn Christy from NJ

Look this month for POTUS to declassify ...

- 20 redacted pages of June 2017 FISA renewal

... and possibly ...

- 63 pages of emails and notes b/t Ohr & Steele

- FD-302 summaries of 12 FBI interviews w/ Ohr re Steele

... and watch Dems and media toadies become apoplectic.

What causes Lefty to believe they don't have to pay to live? Your life isn't free.

What a peculiar viewpoint.

This is the new reality for normal Americans who cherish their family and futures.

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