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We have huge, teeming cities of excess population that will either die off naturally or will be

harvested in civil conflict.

The Democrat way of life is simply unsustainable long term, and they know it gang.

Why invade a country when, through control of its institutions

you can turn its women against its men, make transvestites of its children, but keep it alive to send the wealth generated by its labor overseas, then introduce a foreign army as 'refugees' to finish it off?

Some good advice for Lefty.

Anyone noticing an uptick of black folks IDing themselves as "sovereign citizens"?

All over TV, in the news, on the web.

Whats that all about?

Two years of Trump collusion investigation and of course they found nothing. Time to pack it up.

For the older folks trying to understand bitcoin and the abandonment of the debt-created US Dollar:

If you think explaining Bitcoin to your parents is hard,

just wait til you try to explain government money to your kids.

Lefty sorta starting to half get it.

"Farmers' markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are


Time to build that wall and start tossing fuckers over!!

Accused pedo and fake news maven Kurt Eichenwald shows us why Dems/liberals always lose.

Markets up almost 25% since this tweet:

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