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Who WAS Seth Rich?

Do you monitor Democrats and other violent populations around you?

Just saw the Kathy Griffin apology and it's clear she and the other Dems don't mean it and are truly Americas greatest threat.

Lets keep our eyes peeled gang.

Democrats: you are beautiful at any size, rich at any income, and

intelligent at any IQ.

Just keep doing what you are doing...Resist!!!! (It's working I swear!)

How much $$ do you have in bitcoin?

Wow. The hits keep coming gang. They hate and despise your whiteness.

Democrats are unwell, sick. The how and whys of Democrat dysplasia.

Spending some quality time this Memorial Day remembering the people who only got one scoop

of ice cream while that bastard Drumpf got two.

Obama collusion with Russians now??

WATCH: Crazy Portland stabber get rejected for Nazi salutes by Trump supporters.

Quick reminder folks: No evidence of wrongdoing in Trump transition/White House found. Just innuendo

They need it to be different but they don't have that control anymore. They are 100% gelded.

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