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I am a Social Justice warrior. I believe enabling bad behavior produces more bad behavior. I will love my neighbors and help them as God directs me . I do get into petty political arguments and I occasionally make a fool of myself, and I am occasionally mean to others as a result of this behavior. This is sometimes wrong and I do it anyway. Social_Justice

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BREAKING: School Shooter Found Carrying Symbol Linked to Radical Trump Haters

As journalists poured over the alleged shooter’s social media accounts, they found something chilling.

It appears that the shooter proudly wore a piece of pro-Communist propaganda on his clothing as he carried out the attack.

Photos and descriptions from the accused criminal’s Facebook page show an unmistakable Soviet “hammer and sickle” pin placed prominently on the lapel of his jacket — the same jacket that witnesses said he wore during the rampage.

Dustin Severin, a 17-year-old student, told local NBC affiliate KPRC that he saw (the shooter) in the hallway shortly before the bullets started flying — and that he was wearing his usual outfit,” reported NBC.

“He wears a trench coat every day, and it’s like 90 degrees out here,” the witness said.

The jacket also had other pins, including a rising sun that symbolizes “kamikaze tactics,” and Baphomet, an idol of the Occult that is associated with evil.

Peace Be Unto You.

Posted by Social_Justice | Fri May 18, 2018, 06:39 PM (7 replies)

#WYPIPO T shirts. Now on AMAZON FOR $18.95

That is awesome! I just ordered 8 for wife and kids...including two little Wypipo kids . They will look so cute! Black, Red or Navy. Should get it Saturday or Monday. Prime!

Peace Be Unto You

Posted by Social_Justice | Thu May 17, 2018, 10:24 PM (5 replies)

Pallets of Cash found to have been clandestinely delivered to N Korea.

Cash delivered in secret was delivered to North Korea as ransom for US hostages. The number of pallets of Cash is not fully known.

Posted by Social_Justice | Sat May 12, 2018, 11:17 AM (17 replies)

PROOF that HILLARY would have solved the N. Korean problem before tRump.

The problem solving of N Korea was placed into motion by Pres Obama. There was not enough time after tRump stole the election for the issue to be resolved. Hillary, as the rightful heir to the White House would have N Korea far back in the rear view mirror by now. There is Proof of this claim in the record. Obama earned his Nobel Prize.

Peace Be Unto You.

Posted by Social_Justice | Sat May 12, 2018, 11:05 AM (12 replies)

History of Democrat Party: John Kerry Lost Florida and Hillary didn't campaign in Wisconsin..

How come the Democratic Party of Wypipo always role over? They cheat and cheat some more, yet, when their cheating closes in on a win, it is like God's hand intervenes and yanks the election away from the Evil One, and this is strong evidence of a Loving God who reign victorious over evil.

The Democrat Party Statue with Young Hillary and Young Obama admiring worldly power.

Peace Be Unto You.

Posted by Social_Justice | Thu May 10, 2018, 02:44 PM (1 replies)

I want to thank HILLARY for not even campaigning in Wisconsin, and forfeiting her role as President!

Thank you Hillary. You are a patriot and a forward thinking Wypipo who is awesome in my eyes.

Thank YOU for the WORLD saving President that we now have.

When does Iran start killing us?

12 Days That Stunned a Nation: How Hillary Clinton Lost

Peace Be Unto You.

Posted by Social_Justice | Wed May 9, 2018, 11:30 AM (1 replies)

Who best represents the Democratic Party Principles? POLL

The Democratic Party is the Wypipo Party. Who best represents the Democrat Party?
Posted by Social_Justice | Mon May 7, 2018, 10:28 AM (18 replies)

Wypipo, like Obama and Hillary want high gasoline prices. Obama gas at $4/gal

Why do wypipo like Obama push for high, $4/gal gasoline?

Peak Oil is what Global Warming has turned into. LOL

Peace Be Unto You

Posted by Social_Justice | Mon May 7, 2018, 10:23 AM (7 replies)

Democratic Party is run by wypipo. Wypipo had a march and the wypipo wore Pussy Hats

Wypipo is an Ebonics term and is a fitting word that is used to describe how wypipo are more concerned with trivial concerns, but because of political pressures, wypipo are forced into the uncomfortable position of somehow including "Brown Skin" into the wypipo club. Most often, the "Brown Skins", as wypipo call them, are held in obedience by a figurative leash that keeps them controlled by their wypipo masters. Sometimes a "Brown Skin" will slip the leash and will be socially lynched in the presence of other "Brown Skins" to show the consequences of self determination which wypipo seem to discourage.

This is the opening of my Cultural Awareness Essay, with which I will get an A.

Peace Be Unto You.

Posted by Social_Justice | Mon May 7, 2018, 07:15 AM (4 replies)
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