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Real News: Illegal alien started California Winery fires.

Surprise surprise.... way to go California. I expect the fake news to run this story any day now...

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been twice returned to his “home country.”

Homan also confirmed that ICE has issued detainer requests for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez five times now in the past year alone, including the one issued on October 16 in relation to his most recent arrest on suspicion of arson. All of the arrests were made “by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges,” according to Homan.

can you imagine how screwed we would be if crooked h won?

Our 2nd amendment rights would be gone by tomorrow morning. God we really dodged a bullet, no pun intended. Thank god trump won, he has been a great leader with a cool head throughout he disasters in Florida and Texas as well as the terror in vegas.

National Felon League - Rams player charged with 5 felonies

Police said that Westbrooks was stopped for speeding, and officers observed a handgun in the glove compartment of his vehicle while he was looking for his registration.

The firearm was reported stolen in 2009, according to California Highway Patrol records, and was loaded with a “high-capacity” magazine holding a whopping 13 rounds of ammunition.

Westbrooks was arrested on five felony charges: receiving stolen property, carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a stolen loaded firearm, grand theft of a firearm, and possessing a high-capacity magazine. He was booked into the Kern County Jail in Bakersfield, and has since posted bail.

I wonder if all the kneeling will pay off when this thug goes to prison

US Terror attacks - Obama 51, Trump 3 Why is this?

I was just looking at Wikipedia, and it looks as if 51 terror attacks happened in the US when the Kenyan was "President". I didn't have time to add up the bodycount, but it was tremendous. Boston bombings, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Orlando... mostly Muslims with a smattering of BLM cop killers. Looks like 100% democrats.

There have only been 3 in almost a year of Trump being President. Of those three, one was a fake muslim hate crime and the other was when the antifa protestor had a heart attack in Charlottesville.

Looks like Trump has indeed made America safer again. I wonder if it is because of the Muslim ban, kicking out the illegals, or the right wing fighting back against the antifa thugs. Maybe BLM realized they would actually be jailed for killing cops and assaulting civilians.

An interesting discussion topic.

Who handled disasterous floods better... Houston or New Orleans?

Since they appear to be similar disasters, and both have incompetent Democrat mayors/local officials... which city better handled a similar crisis? I am interested if the local demographics and number of confederate monuments/statues, led to a different outcome.

Drugged up Malia Obama 'dances' at Lollapalooze

Looks like the Obama spawn are really circling the drain. Guess that's what happens when your dad is a basehead. I feel sorry for the secret service which has to escort losers like her, the rest of the Obamas and Crooked H around.

Malia was caught on camera dancing up a storm on Friday night during the set
She rolled around on the grass at one point and banged her head to the music
Reportedly spent most of the set backstage with friends before going to dance
Last year made headlines for allegedly smoking a joint at the popular festival
Malia seemed to be blowing off steam before her Harvard classes start in the fall

Whitehouse survey lets you vote to eliminate worthless government agencies

President Donald J. Trump has put a survey on, which will hopefully guide him in his efforts to dismantle our worthless and inefficient government.

Helpful Tip: Since the entire government is essentially worthless and should be dissolved, you can select all and then deselect any agencies you feel should remain rather than just clicking through the enormous list of fail and picking the ones to eliminate one by one. You can also provide specific input.

For example, I wrote "I demand dissolution of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Provide the boomers and entitled asshats with an IOU for the money they are owed, and let them pay for their own retirement. Even though I have paid into the system for 24 years, I will gladly give up any contribution made thus far as long as I do not have to pay a single dime into this failed socialist program going forward. MAGA".

Trump to let press corps decide what charity his salary will go to (Troll Level: Master)

LOL, Yet again, Trump own the fake news and beats them at their own game.

President Trump will donate his $400,000 salary and allow the media to determine the charity, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday.

“The president’s intention is to donate his salary at the end of the year. He kindly asked that you all help determine where that goes,” Spicer said. “The way that we can avoid scrutiny is let the press corps determine where it should go.”

Here is a link to the video, directly from the NY Compost (lefty fake news).

Any guess what they will choose? Something to do with bathrooms, most likely.

Alan comes is dead.

Died after a brief illness at age 66. He always looked sickly. Amazing that Bob beckel outlived him.

ok, I admit it. I opposed obama because he was black.

Lol, just kidding. He could be 100% white instead of 50% white and I would have despised and opposed him just as much. History proved my opposition correct as he was a total failure. Time to take out the trash!
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