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omg trump just posted the best tweet! lol liberals go rrreeeeeeeeeee[

video of trudeau's eyebrow falling off

What a joke,lol. Canadians

Trump pwns stupid ass fake news (CNN) reporter... hilarious!!!

There is a 5 second ad before it, but it's freaking hilarious. Trump came so close to dropping the F bomb, but he masterfully pulled it back into "friends", lol. Love this President.

why does the DUMP have so many white people hating topics lately?

There are like 3 half black rachel dolzei types at the DUmp, Mr Scorpio, effieblack and shseshe, and all of these tards are on this wypipo kick. Of course, they are complete failures in life and blame everyone else for the fact they are losers, but what's up with this wypipo tripe and all the white hating? Don't these tards realize that white people are the only reason they aren't living in mud huts and eating the hearts of their neighbors?

Mueller witch hunt to wrap up September 1st

Just being reported by the fake news this afternoon. Looks like the lack of proof and the investigation into obama and his corrupt fbi planting a mole in the trump campaign is causing some heat. Wonder what the dems will talk about without russia and collusion?

Who would win in a fight, President Trump or Joe Biden?

Lets take a look at the stats:

"Crazy" Joe Biden
Age: 75
Height: 6'
Weight: 182 lbs
Experience: HS football and baseball
Finishing Move: The Creeper (Grabs opponents wife or daughter and massages her shoulders)

President Donald "MAGA" Trump
Age: 71
Height: 6'3
Weight: 239 lbs
Experience: WWE, WrestleMania 23. Defeated Vince McMahon
Finishing Move: The Pussy Grabber (self explanatory - works well on Democrats)

Crooked h breaks wrist in bathtub

Yep, crooked h has sustained yet another injury trying to waddle through life. Crooked h reminds me of Samuel Jackson in unbreakable. She must be made out of glass. Thank God frail crooked h isn't negotiating with rocket man when she can't even get out of the tub!

South Africa to print billions and give it to poor and unemployed

Nene says he is coming back to fight poverty in South Africa. The minister of Finance says he will do this by forcing the reserve bank to print more money and give it to the poor, especially the unemployed. Billions if that is possible.

“South Africans continuing to be poor when we can print more money to ensure that everybody has it. Our people are poor because there is a shortage of money in the country. It’s not the shortage of jobs that makes people poor, it is the shortage of money. We have paper and ink, so we will print more money and give it to the poor, and make all of them billionaires if that is possible.” Nene said.

That's coming from their Finance Minister!! Even lefty isn't that retarded! I expect the Rand will tank tomorrow.

Activating deep troll accounts at the DUmp... any tips?

Now that the gun debate is back in the arena, I'm going to bring out one of my deep cover troll accounts at the DUmp to help divide, and basically just F with them. I'm normally just in maintenance mode, with an occasional anti trump post, but this is a great time to get warmed up for the primaries. The leftists at the DUmp are generally very old and have nothing better to do than research past posts to try and purge someone that doesn't conform to the current groupthink, so it's really an art form.

Here is how I generally roll... I would appreciate any tips or tricks.

1. Never post an OP. MAYBE post in the lounge, but sparingly. Keep it general and about pets, especially cats. This keeps you off the radar. The point is to divide and disrupt... it's not like we can change these idiots minds.

2. Find a logical, well thought out post, that is contrary to the groupthink, and respond with the quick, ultra left talking points. This helps frustrate and drive off the few intelligent and rational members.
Post: Guns have these technical features and these are the current laws. Details, details, details.
Response: That is all well and good, but I'm tired of our children being slaughtered. I am all for a complete and total ban on all weapons of war, including your automatic assault weapons. Now is the time to mobilize behind these brave kids!!!

3. When possible, and you need to be careful, try to get more comments out of people who support Bernie. If you spot a Bernie supporter, respond. It can be anything, preferably not even about Bernie. MAYBE ask a vague question. The more Bernie posts at the DUmp, the better. Keep it going as long as possible. It divides them.

4. Review EVERY SINGLE WORD before posting. There can be no slang, jargon and pronouns are suspect. It needs to be as neutral as possible. I said 'tard' once and it almost cost me my account. Known DUmmies with a lot of OP's can get away with it, but not someone who is unrecognized.

Any other tips?

China bans Hip Hop "culture' and ghetto tattoos from TV

China has banned hip-hop culture and actors with tattoos from appearing on television.

The country’s top media regulator — the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) — now “specifically requires that programs should not feature actors with tattoos hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture),” Sina, a Chinese news outlet, reports.

Smart move by the gooks. Guess they saw the rise of thug life in the US and nipped it in the bud. Gotta hand it to the commies. They take out the trash before it stinks up the house.
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