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Red Bull

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Want to serve on juries!! Please mark me as yes, willing to serve on juries!!! Please do not change me to no, again!! I am a yes!! Willing to serve on juries, ok!!!??

Journal Archives

I do not trust Republicans

Much more than Democrats these days.

My hat is off to SweetHouse!

You got an entire board, right and left posting and bitching about you by saying nothing at all!!

Shit like this

Is why almost all of my weapons are off the books. Only some bolt actions are tied to me, the rest, nope!!

We are not going to take your guns my ass!! This is why I started doing what I did almost 30 years ago.

The Federal or State Governments do not need to know what I have and for the most part do not. Going to keep it like that.

The president

And the Attorney General are spot on! We need to start convicting these people of a capitol crime and putting them to death!

Can anyone here disagree with this position? This is how we get this situation under control, common sense drug laws!

Need opinions

Have a PS90 and am on the fence about turning it into an SBR.

If I do the plus is it has to be registered as a pistol in Michigan and it will be covered under my CPL and I can keep it in my vehicle and that is what I want.

The down side is I would have to register it with the Feds and I do not particularly like them knowing what I have.

Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. I am on the fence but leaning toward yes.

Like this guy!

Mounting optics

To a standard PS 90. Learned a lot! I am a big dude at 240 and six two.

Many people have to change the standard 1913 rail because it does not give them a good cheek weld.

Bought a Venom Vortex and it sits low! For my size And cheek weld it is perfect!

Just wanted to let bigger guys out there know you do not have to change out the 1913 picatiny rail!!

Little bit of advice to save people money!,If you have an optic that you will not give up then you need to pony up more money!

I came at this thinking I was going to have replace mounts and rails to make it work! I was wrong and happy to be so!

Silly Europeans

Just got off the phone with my son. He is finally safely back at Bragg after a tour in Afghanistan, I can sleep again!

He said they had to stop in Ireland to refuel and had get off the bird with all of their weapons and gear.

When they started going into the terminal security had a fit and were going to detain several soldiers for things like having a Zippo that was not torn apart and a few other things.

Didn't go so well! They were told they were not detaining anybody. The insisted they were and called in extra security but by that time their were a hundreads paratroopers standing around them telling them the only thing you are going to do is get the shit beat out of You!

About that time they realized their was a whole battalion that landed and my son said they all still had all their ammo.

Security decided their had been a misunderstanding and they were free to get back on the plane and depart!

If they can make this work

It will be one hell of a brush to medium range cartridge!! Especially in the AR platform!
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