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Want to serve on juries!! Please mark me as yes, willing to serve on juries!!! Please do not change me to no, again!! I am a yes!! Willing to serve on juries, ok!!!??

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Gun control and the average woman

My girlfriend and her best friend both are attractive women in their mid 40's.

They are runners and had an un comfortable run in with several Hispanic males on an evening run.

My girl is terrified, was terrified of guns, not so much now and her friend being a country girl shot a little skeet and learned to use a rifle a little. But no handgun experience!

I offered my girl and her friend to train them, pay for their CCW and buy them the handgun of their choice so they could defend themselves!! They jumped on that like a hungry man on a chicken!!

Did my part to make sure two more ladies can protect themselves from the dangers of this brave new world!!

I would suggest you take a lady shooting every opertuinty that you have! Women are the key to securing our second amendment rights!!

Can we be honest??

I have no problems standing Communist and Socialists in front of a ditch!!

They and other leftwingers have no issue to doing the same to us on the right!

So the question I have is strait up!! Eventually because we are so far apart the only answer is we will have to start killing each other to set the direction of the country. So is it better to have it happen now or to push off as long as possible? Being very, very sincere!!

Gun bans

I never complied with the 1994 AWB. So for 10 years I was a non complying felon. Will do the same for any other gun laws or bans passed.

How many besides me will ignore any intrusion on their 2nd amendment rights?

Two new females convert to guns!!

My girlfriend who was paranoid and scared of guns and her running partner who both want me now to train them to get their CCW!! They also want protection for home not just running!

Got them looking at multiple weapons!! Was an instructor shooter years ago with AMU! It warms my heart when women take up arms!! Is this not the greatest fucking thing when women want to arm themselves and be able to fight back and kill??

Anyone here disagree with women who are being attacked being able to start stacking bodies up hard and fast!!??

We have seen rioting and looting

It comes when the opportunity arises and even more despicable when people are in danger and sruggling for their lives.

Should not all states pass laws to protect their citizens to legally be able to shoot rioters and looters on sight in those conditions that gives birth to that type of behavior??

This is for the left wing of this board

You run around and scream NAZI!!! Do you realize the communist ideal and people you hold so dear were the biggest mass murders in history!?

I hate Nazi's but I also hate communists and socialist, just the first stage of communism!!

Nazi's exterminated 6 million Jews and Gypsies and also who the defined as undesirables!!

The Communists killed 100 million in the last century! To put that into prospective the Nazi's and Imperial Japan combined only caused a total of 60 million dead for all of WWII!!

How do you rationalize your support for and espousing the ideals of the greatest bar none murders the world has ever seen??

I really would like to here your thoughts on this subject? But I assume you will not or deflect like a big dog!!

I have a question that is geared towards the left!

I do believe in free speech!! Nazi, White surpremistis, Communist, ANTIFA or the Boy Scouts!!

Since ANTIFA is have shown to be extremely violent and assault people and destroy property for what they deem is wrong am I wrong for for carrying more weapons and ammo then I ever had in my life to shoot the fucking shit out of them if I get cought in their violent path??

I have no problems shooting anyone who threatens me or mine. ANTIFA has shown me from their past actions that I need to include them if the situation arises!!

Forward thinking or have I not just sniffed enough unicorn farts??

I have a question for all political sides!!

I live in the countryside I personally do not care who riots, burn down their own neighborhood's or pulls people out of their vehicle and beats them to death!!

The question I have for people of all sides is if this does and will utimitly happen in time spread to the suburbs and into the countryside will most people understand when we shoot the fucking shit out of them?

I believe in free speech

I may disagree with what you have to say and find it abhorrent in my heart but if you do it legally and peaceable I will fight for you right to spew your shit without you being subjected to violence for exercising your first amendment rights.

I see now on both sides that bad actors on the left and right want to go straight to violence and mob rule including looting and destruction of private property.

So I suggest laws be passed to make the use of deadly force legal to protect anyone's right of free and legal speech. If you want to violently stop someone from using their first amendment rights then you should be open for the use of deadly force. Also to include the use of deadly force to stop people from looting businesses and destroying private property.

Protest all you want and say whatever you want but when it turns violent then said aggressors from either side need to know they can be legally killed on the spot. Would this not help greatly the situation, please discuss.

A relaxing 4th of July

Went to the Drop Zone today and the weather was perfect!! 5-7 mph winds, not a cloud in the sky, perfect temputure and 2 jumps from 15,000 ft.

Sitting at home now chilling with my dogs and smoking a good cigar and having a drink. I hope all of you have a safe and happy 4th Of July!!
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