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Illegal alien with machete trying to kidnap kids

Machete-wielding man tried to kidnap children at Walmart

Kenner police say it happened on Friday afternoon. They say at about 2 p.m., Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera entered the Wal-Mart store with a backpack and approached a mother and her 2-year-old child, who was seated inside a grocery cart. Police say he told the mother if she did not listen to his instructions, she would die. The victim mother attempted to walk away from Budier-Herrera when he blocked the victim, placing his hand on the handle of a machete, causing the mother to fear for she and her child’s safety.

Police say he then threatened to kill the boy if she did not listen. The mother asked for help from store employees, as Budier-Herrera grabbed the 2-year-old, and attempted to remove the child from the grocery cart and take off.

While running from store employees, police say that Budier-Herrera attempted to remove another infant from a grocery cart but was prevented from doing so because of the seat strap. He was then tackled by store employees and a Kenner police pfficer who was working an off-duty detail inside the store.

Police say they found a 10-inch machete, pepper spray and a makeshift shiv on him at the time of his arrest. Budier-Herrara is charged with two counts of kidnapping of a child and other offenses. Budier-Herrera was also charged with an immigration detainer.

We need to ban all semi autos because their rate of fire is just too fast.

Oh wait..... ..


How come we always from the left and their fake news see signs like this:

But never see signs with images like this when promoting their gun grabbing agendas?

What could possibly explain why lefty only wants to disarm the gun owners who are not violent? How come we never see lefty using images of those who are responsible for committing the vast majority of violence? Is it because they are actually targeting Republicans/Conservatives/Caucasians in the hopes that their anti-gun campaigns will also have the effect of making their political opposition look evil? While covering up who actually commits the vast majority of violence in our country because they are part of the lefty voting base? Given the facts I think its a valid question.

President Trump scammed the dems again!

Quote: "Trump screwed them all! He hid the funding for the wall in the military budget! I read some of the wording and he pulled one over on the deep state! He said in his speech that the wall was needed for national security! Once a national security issue the military can be involved. He is going to use the army corp of engineers to build the wall."

"This takes the matter out of congress' hands. Now the president has full control over the wall being built! Trump just made them fund there own demise. Good Night Deep State."

"Search 'Military Construction' in the bill. Yuge section!!! Money!! Lots of it! Discretion to Sec of Def and Army Sec. Waiving of regulations. Billions appropriated!!! Waiving of water safety EPA regulations. Approval for eminent domain purchases up to 100% of appraised land value. What do you think that language is for?"

"The wall is going to be fast tracked! The EPA would have held up the wall indefinitely, now they are bypassed. Trump has full discretion on how to spend the money. Congress has no say in how the money is spent. This is a bill, not a budget. Trump outsmarted them again!"

"Congress should have passed a budget! Remember, during 0bama’s 8 years no budget was ever passed, only an Omnibus bill. This gave 0bama the power to spend the money however he wanted and Congress had no power to tell him otherwise."

"Trump said 'give me money for the military and you can put whatever you want in'. .. and they did. Now Trump can spend that money how he sees fit."

Hey lefty how is this possible?

France shooting: Hostage swap officer 'fighting for life'

A police officer who swapped himself for a hostage in a supermarket siege is fighting for his life in hospital, French President Emmanuel Macron says.

The gendarme, whom media named as Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, helped bring an end to a gunman's shooting spree that killed three in southern France.

The gunman - 25-year-old Redouane Lakdim - said he had been acting on behalf of the Islamic State group.

How is this possible lefty? I thought France has very strict gun laws so how could this happen?

In Another Time (on vinyl)

Science journalism is going full leftist

We on the right have grown to expect bias in political journalism – but most of us probably thought science literature would always be objective, and exempt from radical leftist opinion. If so, then our thoughts were mistaken.

...In reality, thousands of government grants are at risk, billions of dollars of them, unless the scientists receiving the money can prove that global warming is man-made and that human effort can reverse it.

Of course, the scientists can prove no such thing, which is why their journal articles increasingly give the impression of "hair on fire" panic.

To be sure, science journalists are entitled to their political opinions, right, left, or otherwise – but the danger is that their partisan agendas can easily come into conflict with actual science. It happened in the old Soviet Union, where, thankfully, communist scientists set back their nation's progress far enough to help result in an American victory in the Cold War.

It could easily happen here, where, for so many scientists, the competition is fierce and unrelenting. The dictum is "publish or perish." ...Literally billions of taxpayer dollars are at risk if these grants are closely scrutinized, which is likely to happen under a Trump presidency.

We already find that meteorologists who question global warming are threatened with loss of their livelihoods by those who do not dare to question its dogma. How much longer will it be before we find that grant money for research into life-saving medications is given only to scientists, however mediocre they might be, based largely on their unquestioning endorsement of liberal propaganda?

Many of our future scientists are being trained in universities, which have become leftist indoctrination centers, where independent thinking, an absolute necessity for scientific progress, is often discouraged and, in some cases, forbidden. How can that not have an adverse impact on the direction taken by science?

Auto loading weapons: Alright lefty pay attention


Ok lefty, here's an AR type rifle. When the video gets to 1:30 pay attention to his trigger finger and the rifle's action. Squeeze the trigger (one shot). Then must release the trigger to reset the triggering action. Then re-squeeze the trigger for another (one shot).

Another example of a semi auto weapon. If you pay close attention to his trigger finger there are a few places in this video where you can tell for each round being fired he's having to release the trigger and re-squeeze. Also note again the rate of fire. Then compare to the below videos.


Now here's a couple examples of military rifles. In these two videos of military rifles again pay attention to his trigger finger and the rifle's action. As long as he holds the trigger down the rifle automatically loads *and* fires. In this first full auto video you get a good (albeit brief) view of this at 0:30. Also note the difference in the rate of fire.

Another example of a military rifle. Right off the get-go in this full auto video (0:44), again pay attention to his trigger finger and the rifle's action. Note as long as he holds down the trigger this military rifle not only automatically loads itself but it also automatically fires as well.

This full auto type action is what the (fake) news media always tries to conflate semi auto rifles with and confuse those of you who do not understand weapons.


Open bolt firing means: The action of the bolt pushing a round into the chamber also drives the firing pin into the round's primer. Squeezing the trigger releases the bolt which is held in the open position when the trigger is released. Hence the term "open bolt". Other weapons (military versions) which also use this type of action, just to name a couple, are an Uzi and a MAC-10. So not just belt feed weapons use this type action.

Again pay attention to the trigger finger and the difference in the rate of fire compared to the semi-autos in the first to videos above.

Hope that helps clarify for those of you on the left who have been confused by our (fake news) media's misuse of vocabulary regarding this topic, confusing you as to what is what.

Here's an illustrative guide to lefty gun control tactics

Its that TIME again

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