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Can we all at least agree on Net Neutrality?

I am a Comcast customer....Comcast owns NBC, for example. I don't want Comcast to be able to hinder my access to their competitor's online content. Such as ABC, FOX, etc.

I don't want Comcast to be able to slow down Netflix to steer me into using the Xfinity streaming service.

I like the internet just how it is now.

I don't want companies to be able to decide which content I get at full speed, and which content I get at reduced speed.

I don't want Comcast to be able to charge me an extra fee if I use Hulu or Netflix.

I could go on and on.

Can we all agree that Net Neutrality needs to stay?

What about the person who took the Franken picture....

And the guy on the victim's left in the picture....

Do these two people own an explanation, etc. or does it not matter since they are not famous or in politics?

I haven't heard a single word on TV or the web about the other two people involved with the picture.

Maybe I missed it.

Dear Konservative.....

How many babies have you saved from abortion?

How many babies have you adopted so they didn't have to be aborted?

How many women have you talked out of having an abortion?

How many medical professionals have you convinced to stop performing or assisting with abortions?

How many people have you helped and encouraged to use birth control to prevent a potential pregnancy?

How many abortions have you personally prevented, and how did you do it?

No snark....I am genuinely curious.

What is the general feeling on mandatory auto insurance laws?

Just want to get a feel for the room.

My feelings? 100 percent against.

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