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Well That was fun.....

I've lived in the Adirondacks of Upstate Peoples Republic of NY for most of my life...some time away for Basic, AIT, a bit in Oregon and Florida...NYC stays for short periods....

This past Friday we got 1 of regularly scheduled spring storms about 20mins after my last post that night...wind events that we get every yr that I can remember. About 5 mins before all hell broke lose we got a tornado warning...we don't think it was.
This my top 3 freakshow events. TS Sandy that hit us in Oct'12 was a fart compared to this event...
We just got Grid power back. Still a few k up here, in Hamilton Co. that may not get it back 'till late tomorrow.

I rode into camp yesterday morning to get my 2 portable generators to loan to "town" neighbors...had to cut downed trees all the way in on the road....a 1hr trip took 4

Capt. Hogg..the lil Brown shirt grabber..Hero of the grabber class Force..sorry I don't have plebe

'toons...NOT 1 free minute of press today on MSNBC or CNN after an SRO took out the shooter in Maryland

Putibio...apparently. I'm his 1st ignore list person

Response to Oldgeezer (Reply #55)

Wed Mar 14, 2018, 11:48 PM

RCW2014 (5,807 posts)
56. And I call you the soul occupant of my ignore list. You add nothing useful.

You cowardly Putinista

My buddy Hoyt...getting nailed with an Iverg shot...took me a week to find this oldie

Don't forget he's an admitted robber that locks doors to keep cops out...
MicaelS (6,759 posts)
56. You know you remind me of that old southern phrase

"Alligator mouth and hummingbird ass".

You talk all this shit about how badass you are, because you're an anonymous handle on the internet.

I'm willing to bet you don't say this shit to your real neighbors in Georgia, face to face, because you know for a fact some of them might just kick you ass.

Just because you're an senior citizen and a widower, that might not mean shit to some people, and it that might not stop some local redneck from beating your ass.

You're just another sad, curmudgeonly old man filled with hate, bile and venom. You're a male version of iverglas.

Questions for anti gun Dems re their new attempted grab...

After 11Sept'01, the attacks on WTC, Pentagon, wherever the Shanksville plane was going...what happened?
Did we ban planes, did we ban all box cutters?
We did make planes "box cutter free zones" but we did MUCH more.

To refresh your memory.....we hardened cockpit doors, armed some pilots, and put ARMED Air Marshals on undisclosed numbers of flights.
Remind me....if hardening schools will not work because a gym teacher that's trained and armed might kill innocent students or be killed by responding LEO's...why have we had no hijackings, no dead passengers, SWAT teams haven't mistakenly killed armed pilots? Millions of flyers every many "accidents"?
What's the difference?

I remember back in the Day....when many of us went APEshit nuts over

Hillary and Lavarov with a reset button...and Obama telling Medvedev to tell Putin he'd have flexibility after the election.
Not here of course, specifically, because DI didn't exist then....but now Ruskie love is cool..... it's not now anymore than it was then.

Neil Diamond with Parkinsons

This sucks. I've seen him 3x's at SPAC, 2x's at the "Egg"...the show was worth it every time.
I'm a Hard rock guy...Neil is my "soft" spot....this blows.

John Deere 755 small tractor...

1 of my employees cousins.. needed cash for a snow machine and had a '96 JD 755 with a loader bucket, 60" mower deck, plow, and full winter cab....
That little 3 cyl Yanmar engine has got to be the closest thing I've ever seen to.. "the little engine that could"/will...

I'm blown away with what that engine and little tractor can do.
I've been out cleaning neighbors driveways for fun all day... it's got power steering.

It will lift a hefty chick and her 14 hefty sisters in the bucket...and the 4wd..puts my newerish(late '16) F-150 almost to shame.
Best non firearm $3500 I've ever spent(yeah I stole it).....does need tunes put in though.

Friends...foes...we have a 4Channer in our ranks..a prolific poster that just can't help him/herself

Anyone that is a admitted Channer....should be held at arms length...
We all mocked DeckLakeTerroristSideYogaSlayerDanny...for it's idiocy.
We have a worthy Channer to mock now.

"Every U.S. citizen owes money to the working poor who pay no income tax."...To the poster..

that started a thread titled as above.....
Do you know what EITC is? Do you know WHY it was implemented?
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