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Friends...foes...we have a 4Channer in our ranks..a prolific poster that just can't help him/herself

Anyone that is a admitted Channer....should be held at arms length...
We all mocked DeckLakeTerroristSideYogaSlayerDanny...for it's idiocy.
We have a worthy Channer to mock now.

"Every U.S. citizen owes money to the working poor who pay no income tax."...To the poster..

that started a thread titled as above.....
Do you know what EITC is? Do you know WHY it was implemented?

I'm starting to see a thing develop here recently with a few of our left members....2 on the FP now.

This aren't fooling anyone kids.

Not a bad Champion..if it couldn't be the 24 I can live with Truex...Anybody but the Busch baby

His GF fighting cancer, a small team, the wins on 1&1/2's....a big hat tip to Martin...even in a 'yota.
Nice run young Elliot....all season. In the 24 you were fun to close so often.
Now I have no one to root for....

Chris Matthews and Joaquine Castro just did, Maybe the dumbest

MSNBC interview I've ever witnessed...40ish mins ago.
Matthews talking about muskets and balls, with regards to 2A issues.. Castro in full agreement....on a CABLE TV NETWORK.
Please do a vid library clip NBC....

Our resident genius....self proclaimed "Strong Liberal" type whackjob...

Claimed the Preibus home had been raided by the Mueller team...with ZERO sourcing....turns out in the post it was I pointed out to him/her.....easy to find out. It's public record.
It's like the false claims he/she made about the NFL ratings......

BRM....every time you do this I'll do it to you like goth, 'verg, moneyshot,

Price but..... As one who screamed like a banshee when Obama's team played loose

with the reason for a pass to the Dumpsters team.
It was a stupid, unforced error and Price should have known better...hell he did know better.

I don't know where this would go..Fun I guess only because "crack addict" isn't a Tab on top....

jmowreader (36,594 posts)

As a veteran who fought and died for us, I love the protests"

A dead guy has 36K posts on the motherhsip?....Gob bless him.

I propose we have a Russia agit-prop tab on the top ...between Tech&Fun...

A RT or USSR fanbio tab.
We have a Putibiofan(at least 3 x's banned) that thrashes the joint with the same crap the left is ape shit nuts over that may have occurred on Facebook.
Having a deckChairyogaslayerTerroistoflakeDannysideclaritySignal type goofy dude ....posting it as politics leaves out it's Ruskie politics.

Don't get me's funny to read but I think labeled incorrectly due to lack of a more accurately appropriate labeled agit-prop section.

Since what I predicted Lil buddy LMPV waited 'till the Limbaugh lie he spead was 3-4

pages off the front, before he replied again(with irrelevant nonsense) to my challenge of going line by line of the transcript of the broadcast the lies were told about, and he continued to try to push.....I leave this here to Renew the offer of debating it for all to see.

If you get your big boy pants on we can do this RIGHT NOW....the transcript-v-your leftist agit-prop redacted tinfoil video.

Balls in your court......if you are scared....just ignore....'toons at this point seem, more silly than you hiding from this challenge.

Look forward to your Timely(that means sometime in the next 48-72 hrs) reply.

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