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Well That was fun.....

I've lived in the Adirondacks of Upstate Peoples Republic of NY for most of my life...some time away for Basic, AIT, a bit in Oregon and Florida...NYC stays for short periods....

This past Friday we got 1 of regularly scheduled spring storms about 20mins after my last post that night...wind events that we get every yr that I can remember. About 5 mins before all hell broke lose we got a tornado warning...we don't think it was.
This my top 3 freakshow events. TS Sandy that hit us in Oct'12 was a fart compared to this event...
We just got Grid power back. Still a few k up here, in Hamilton Co. that may not get it back 'till late tomorrow.

I rode into camp yesterday morning to get my 2 portable generators to loan to "town" neighbors...had to cut downed trees all the way in on the road....a 1hr trip took 4

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