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Marie Yovanovitch

art imitates life..

The Meme that won't die

Since liberal D-bags who agree with people who are on Fox

I'm sure you're going to agree with this guy, amitrite?

Former U.S. Attorney DiGenova said Democrats want any excuse to "scream and yell" and to impeach Trump. In an interview Tuesday night with FNC's Tucker Carlson, DiGenova said in "their bizarre brains," Democrats believe they did win in 2016 and this is payback. He said we are watching a political party devolve all because they want power.

"They are scrambling for a theme and a narrative," DiGenova said of Democrats. "They have gone everywhere from Russian hoax to Russian collusion and now they've come to this. And you may note today they said they wanted to see the transcript. And when it was announced that the transcript was going to be put out tomorrow, they said that really doesn't matter. We want to know about the complaint from the so-called whistleblower who by the way doesn't know anything about the call. He or she is completely anonymous and it's at this point serves no useful purpose other than to help them scream and yell."

Did you watch the impeachment hearings?

Man In Critical Condition After Hearing Slightly Differing Viewpoint

GLENDALE, CA—A man was rushed to the hospital yesterday after encountering a slightly different viewpoint than his own.

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., Glendale PD officers responded to a 911 call at the Java Lounge Coffee House in the 900 block of North Emerson Road. They found a person who had collapsed in shock and went to the station for help. Witnesses say the man was having a casual conversation about politics with another patron when the minutely opposing viewpoint was expressed.

"They were both Democrats, Bernie supporters," said Janice Hughson, a barista at the Java Lounge. "Then the guy he was talking to said he had some issues with abortion and thinks there should at least be a few limitations put on the practice. That's when the man seized up and began foaming at the mouth. It was terrible."

Four other bystanders were also emotionally injured by the moderately divergent opinion but were not hospitalized.

The Circus Begins!

Master Sgt. beats discrimination charge by proving he hates everyone equally

FORT IRWIN, California — Army Master Sgt. Matthew Lowe made history today after clearing his name in a landmark discrimination case with an unlikely defense—he hates everyone equally.

“Am I happy?” asked Lowe when responding to reporters. “Look, I regret that a soldier felt like they were being singled out, but I’m glad that we’ve clarified all the misunderstandings for that little turd.”

Earlier this year, an E-6 in Lowe’s unit had filed several complaints against the NCO for discriminatory behavior. Allegations ranged from repeatedly shouting to complete delinquent training, physically stalking the accuser to dental to confirm appointment, and intentionally assigning staff duty on the night of an Ariana Grande concert when non-refundable tickets had already been purchased. According to sources, Lowe was absolutely floored when the command informed him of the situation, and he was determined to prove his innocence.

Baby Trump balloon slasher First time Ive seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby

Hoyt Deau Hutchinson says he is not sorry for knifing a 20-foot tall balloon caricature of President Trump outside of the University of Alabama where the president was attending the LSU vs UA game.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby,” Hutchinson said in an interview on the Rick & Bubba Show.

Hutchinson was arrested on charges of first-degree criminal mischief and was soon released after posting bail. A GoFundMe has been created to pay his legal fees with a goal of $6,000. As of Wednesday morning, the total amount raised is over $45,000.

I'm stuck in work, can i have a honest non-partisan assessment?

was/is the hearings damaging to Trump?
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