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One does not simply...

Democrats DEMAND Brett Kavanaugh Be Impeached Amid ANOTHER 30 year Old Allegation, It Will Never END

I hope Ruthie shuffles off her mortal coil soon

I hope Trump nominates that very conservative woman (Barret) as a fuck you to the dems

The Most Amazing Moments Of The Democratic Debate

Getting a abortion is nothing like buying a AR-15...

When you get a abortion at least one human being dies but millions of AR-15s have been purchased without one person getting hurt much less killed.

Is it me?

or is it a bunch of govt leaches trying to outdo each other by promising as much free stuff as they can?

Dinesh D'Souza, destroys the idea of "buybacks"

Flavored Vaping...

There NYT's, i've fixed it for you...

I would hold off celebrating that win tonight...

we all know dems cheat and "vote mine" so they're probably working on the votes needed to win.
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