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Trump said he'd eliminate NAFTA. Another big fat LIE. Another big fat PASS from the Trumplings.

It doesn't seem to me that Trumps supporters are real sound decision makers.

They definitely have some difficulty with critical thought just based on what I have seen.

Trump said they'd only use American steel. Another LIE. And another PASS from his sycophants.


"If I'm elected....THEN I'll show you my tax returns!!"

There is just no Trump LIE that his sycophants won't completely ignore.

Thats just bizarre...I don't get it.

God I miss having a President with a functioning brain!! GOD I MISS OBAMA!!!

Trump keeps firing the people that are investigating him. Hmmmm. That in itself is an admission

of guilt IMHO. Dark days for America.

Trump said the GOP healthcare bill would be "better" than the ACA, cover more people, be

more affordable, and not add to the debt. He said "everyone would be covered".

Only problem is: the CBO says 24 million would LOSE insurance, its more expensive and actually provides less coverage, and it adds to the national debt.


Thought the GOP was "fiscally responsible"?

I don't understand how the AHCA remotely fulfills what Trump promised. But then Trump hasn't done one thing he said he would do yet.

I'll admit....I don't care for Trump. He is just LOST, way out of his league. IMHO.
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