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Haven't heard a PEEP about the BarryCare repeal lately. Ya know why?

Because there isn't going to be one.

All the House did was grandstand AGAIN, for the 100th time, they knew there was NO WAY the Senate would ever pass that garbage.

And Trump & Ryan had a big celebratory pow wow.....LOL!

I like my Doctor: I kept my Doctor. And saved a MINT on my health insurance! YES. WE. CAN.

Thank Allah we'll ALWAYS have our BarryCareâ„¢!

Its not going anywhere folks!

Righty? Cat got yer tongue?

All Republicans need to see this!!!

Trump & Ryan actually "celebrated" getting a Bill through one house of Congress. It is the greatest

legislative success thus far in his young Presidency.


OMG....can you even IMAGINE how those grotesque sphincter-like lips will pucker and start

smooching the cheeks of Netanyahu?


The phony endless proxy "wars" for Israel are NEVER going to end folks, the USA will end first, after you've given the lives of your children and squandered every dollar the nation has, and been bankrupted both financially and in principle.

Thats what the people in this screwed up nation seem to really want, although I think that many are just far too clueless to actually see outside the US Corporate Media bubble that starts banging away at your cerebrum the moment you poke your head out of the womb.

Serious question, for your thoughtful consideration. The trend these days in the Corporate Fascism

type government-for-sale scenario we are now faced with in the US, the end-all, beat-all is shareholder profit.

That has become the Holy Grail of so called "capitalism", its actually Corporatism, or Corporate Fascism as I have been calling it for many I saw this coming on a couple decades ago. You probably did as well, doesn't take a genius.

My question to you, for your thoughtful consideration, is:

Who here truly believes that Trust Fund Billionaire Donald Trump, is actually going to go in and renegotiate NAFTA...and come up with an actual policy that is truly BETTER for the American worker, which any agreement of that nature would HAVE to mean less Corporate profit, and less dividend for the shareholder?

Who here truly believes that? And what have you seen Trump do....EVER.....that was borne of a genuine interest in improving anything for the "common man"....or the working class that makes up the vast majority of the nation?

If you can't answer.....just make some dumb comment about Obama or Hillary Clinton....OK?

Thank you in advance.

Trump says he's "promoting US interests"...but he's in Saudi Arabia smooching the cheeks of the

Muslims who head the nation where the 911 terrorists came from.


Makes sense. I guess.

Why wasn't Saudi Arabia on that list of "problem areas" that he wanted to ban from traveling to the US?

What a t u r d, how any reasonable person could be taken in by the Reality TV Messiah is forever beyond me.
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