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Kelly Ann Conway just destroyed

Wolf Blitzer and CNN

What does Dale Earnhardt Sr & Pink Floyd have in common?

If anyone needs any free legal advice let me know... N/T

Will Kamala Harris go back to prostituting herself

For political jobs?

Bought this gun...

Totally useless but looks cool...They also make a custom viiolin case to carry it in.. Classic

Would you be more less likely to vote for President Trump

If he started wearing a monocle?

Now that the Prez took Biden and Heart Attack

Boy out of the race..should he do the same to Pocahontas or let that crazy B win and then beat her down in the general electuon?

Got banned on DU again....

So I posted what most would consider a well thought out and insightful question concerning Hunter Biden and I got banned...WTF...

It now appears Trump is a Russian/Ukrainian double agent n/t

Who/What has killed more lives?

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