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Who/What has killed more lives?

HORROR AT SEA 34 People Missing After Santa Cruz Island Boat Fire

34 People Missing After Santa Cruz Island Boat Fire

Thirty-four people are missing after an inferno ripped through a 75-foot dive boat near Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Southern California early Monday.

The fire broke out on the Conception, owned by Truth Aquatics, around 3:00 a.m. PST, while it was anchored overnight only about 20 yards off Platts Harbor, officials said. Firefighters were still trying to douse the flames when the vessel sank in 60-foot waters.

Five crew members were awake and on the bridge when the flames began to consume the wood-hulled vessel and they jumped off, officials said. They were rescued by the pleasure boat Grape Escape—but as the hours passed, the worst was feared for the others who were apparently trapped.

“The word I have received, is that they were below decks asleep,” U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester said at a morning press conference.

“Right now they are conducting shoreline searches for any available survivors.”

The Coast Guard launched a massive rescue operation after getting a report that more than 30 people were “in distress.” Pictures showed the vessel engulfed by flames as firefighters carried out their rescue.

“The fire was so intense that even after it was put out we were not able actually to embark the vessel,” a Coast Guard spokesman said.

At least 8 people sickened from apparent Hazmat suicide at California hotel

At least 8 people sickened from apparent Hazmat suicide at California hotel

Poisonous chemicals killed one woman in an apparent suicide and sickened eight people, prompting the evacuation of three floors of the Hotel Fairmont in San Jose, fire officials told CBS San Francisco. Firefighters were dispatched at around 10 a.m. Saturday to the hotel on a report of an attempted suicide on the 19th floor using chemicals.

The crew found the woman dead in a hotel room in the 19th floor. San Jose police are investigating the incident as a suicide. San Jose fire department Capt. Mitch Matlow said the eight people sickened were believed to be hotel employees. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, he said. Several other people had minor symptoms but "have gotten better with fresh air."

Matlow said at a news conference more than 100 people were evacuated from the hotel. Exposure to the unknown chemical was believed to be "very brief."

So Tennessee sucks @ football..26pt fav gets thumped n/t

Who dies first??

So I saved some lady's life tonight - long story

I feel pretty good. So I’m at “the bar” playing pool with this huge biker guy. Hard core “Iron Horseman” jacket, Roker boots but on the flip side he is wearing cargo shorts and white diabetic socks pulled up over his knees…Anyway that can be a story for another day...

I beat the dude (goes by biker name sucker P) first game than he is going on a crazy run and beats me twice and has a killer break in the 4th game.

We are playing for $1 a game so I’m getting a little desperate. When his “old lady” goes to the bathroom, I decide its time to get in his head. I’m like, dude, I don’t want to cause any problems – but when you were in the bathroom your “old lady” did a shot with some long haired fat biker dude and appeared to call each other to exchange numbers. He was asking which dude and I was like he took off on his hog. He was like did he look like blaa blaa blaa and I was like – YEAH thats him!!! Well his old lady comes out of the bathroom and he runs down the long hall at her and all I hear is a bunch of yelling and it sounds like he is slapping her around. I’m like, this is not good. I do the right thing (after moving a few of my balls closer to the holes and put 2 of his behind the 8 ball) and run down the hall. I confront the guy and I’m like, dude – what the hell are you doing???? She is all like I didn’t do anything bla bla.. I step in and he is like, what going on here is none of your business. I said, I’m making it my business cause I just scratched and its ball in hand…He leaves her alone and she crawls up on a stool near the bathroom still yelling at him.I'm sure I saved her life!!! . props to me...

Fortunately, she continued yelling at him and my plan must have got in his head because he keeps missing and I win the $1…He recovers and knocks in a few balls the next game, and his old lady and him are still going back and forth yelling while she is sitting outside the bathroom. I need to get back in his head and I’m like dude, I was just up at the bar getting another natty light and the bartender is getting tired of your old lady bitching and just called the cops… Sucker P sprints up to the bar and starts talking to the bartender… Not sure what he says, but sucker p earns his name with a big round house and the bartender drops behind the bar. He walks slowly out of the bar and I hear his bike start up loud as hell and he zooms out.

I go back to his “old lady” and I was like your safe now, the dude beating you just left. I’m thinking she is going to thank me. She starts going off on me saying that was her ride, she lives 40 miles away bla bla…. I thought she would be grateful????? I reached down and grabbed the leg of the stool she and was sitting on and pulled up …her leather face, grey braid, biker chick ass hit the floor hard as hell. I slowly headed for the door. Grabbed my $2 off the pool table for the unfinished game, threw a buck in the bartenders tip jar to help pay for his wired jaw and walked out to my car. I passed the life squad walking in for the bartender…

Yeah I feel pretty good about helping her out…

She loves to hate Jews more than she loves

her 90yo Grandma... that's some classic shit there.. props to Isreal...

Dayton shooter eating a pickle


Did Robert Mueller have anything to do with "The Mueller Report"?

Could the Russians have drugged Robert Mueller before his appearance today?

Seems logical
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