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Still need a DU member over here..

So DU is melting down over the pullout from areas in Syria

When Obama pulled all troops from Iraq, ( and put them back in later after ISIS was created, cough, cough) did DU people call for arrests and impeachments?

Of course not

Recall, El Paso is a deep blue city


R.I.P. Kate Steinle

Murdered by an illegal alien 4 years ago. And the POS citizens of San Francisco found him not guilty

I sincerely hope that declassifying FISA and other shit

will destroy the Prog Socs and the child molesters at DU. Would like to see Brennan, Clapper, Stroyk, Page, Comey charged.

All this should bear out over the next couple of weeks

USAF EAM messages (nuclear launch?)

source for info:

Here is your March Madness Collusion brackets!!!

I even urge DU folks, Lavortory Girl, Gullible, etc to take this back to DU so all can get on on the fun!

Here are last night's cable TV ratings

Hannity doubled Madcow, as she/it was exposed as a liar

Heres Madcow crying again. Thanks to Karli Bonne for vid

Someone explain DU to me

For the past couple of years, DU members *ALWAYS* put this meme in their
message responses in regards to Bob Mueller:

It's Mueller time! (this was the favorite)

Also, most DU members discussed their homosexual fantasies in regards to him

As of yesterday, Mueller is now a traitor

I dont get it

The Mueller Report will not sway any Democrats to move on

Yesterday, Nadler and Eric "I swallow Well" have stated they don't believe Mueller and want him to testify

I can only say that I want Republican members of the House Judiciary to NOT particpate in the 2nd Witch Hunt that will start in the next few days. I remember Al Gore leading the House democrat members in a walkout

I urge Republicans to walk out when Liberals hold witch hunt meetings.

Again, here's Madcow crying again

Rachel Madcow crying..

Yesterday, a user by the name of Karli Bonne posted this video of Rachel Madcow crying over the
Mueller report

Of course, Miss Bonne was immediately suspended by twitter

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