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I am an independent that does not align with either party I have often described myself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. Professionally I have done everything from being in sales, managing the customer service department and running a multifacility manufacturing company in the US I have traveled and done business internationally for a number of years.

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A challenge for conservatives:

Make the case for the corporate tax cuts being permanent but the individual tax cuts having a sunset clause.

The "Byrd Rule" isn't the cause.
Republicans in the senate could just as easily have reversed the two making the individual tax cuts permanent and the corporate tax cuts expire and met the conditions of the "Byrd Rule" so they made a conscious decision to do this the way they did.

Part of the goal of the corporate tax cuts, as has been stated, is to spur investment by companies and grow the US economy
Why not create an incentive to corporations by stating the tax cuts will only be extended by meeting a specific set of criteria that would do that?

Instead individual tax cuts will only be extended at the benevolence of a future congress.
If the projected economic growth does not occur and the debt grows more than the $1.5 trillion projected or at a faster rate than anticipated that future congress would be fiscally irresponsible to extended the tax cuts for individuals but corporations get to keep their tax cuts.

Again my challenge is make the case why the corporate tax cuts needed to be permanent, and will now require an act of congress to raise again, but the individual tax cuts needed to be temporary, and will now require an act of congress to extend.
Posted by Independent.mind | Wed Dec 27, 2017, 01:15 PM (75 replies)

Do you support sitting down to talk with North Korea absent any preconditions?

Is the administration changing tactics regarding North Korea?

“It is not realistic to say we’re only going to talk if you come to the table ready to give up your program,” Tillerson told a forum co-hosted by the Korea Foundation and the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington on Tuesday. “They have too much invested in it. The president is very realistic about that as well.”
“We are ready to talk anytime North Korea would like to talk. And we are ready to have the first meeting without preconditions,” Tillerson said
Posted by Independent.mind | Wed Dec 13, 2017, 12:47 PM (10 replies)

Question for Democrat faithful

Right now should be,from a historical perspective, an opportunity to pick up some seats in the midterms.
The president and generic republican congress are polling very poorly as of yesterday.
The president currently is showing an average approval rating in the high 30's and an average disapproval rating in the high 50's.

The last few election cycles have shown that the message and approach the DNC has taken have not worked so some tangible changes need to be made to connect the party to the voters, in particular independents like myself.

With the democratic party disarray there is a lot of work to be done between now and next November.

What concrete steps do you think need to be taken to unify the party and the message in a way that will appeal to a broad spectrum of the voting public?

How confident are you that having the current occupant in the oval office will motivate the base to get out and vote and what is that confidence based on?

Based on my conversations with friends and colleagues I believe there is a willingness on the part of independents and even some moderate republicans to vote democrat in the mid terms but not if the only message is "we aren't them" or just to be opposition. We want to hear direction and policy ideas that will serve to better the political climate and move a productive agenda forward and whoever messages that better will be listened to.

Posted by Independent.mind | Thu Nov 9, 2017, 10:38 AM (23 replies)

What are your favorite protest songs?

Some of my favorites are

Ohio Crosby Stills Nash and Young
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke
Southern Man Neil Young
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
Killing In The Name Rage Against The Machine
Fortunate Son CCR
War Pigs Black Sabbath
Fight The Power Public Enemy
Imagine John Lennon
Posted by Independent.mind | Fri Sep 22, 2017, 10:46 AM (17 replies)

Any guitar players here that care to talk

Been playing since 1982
Currently have a Martin D28
An Ovation shallow body
An Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro
A Fender American Standard Strat
A Vox VT120 Plus
Marshall VS100
Digitech RP500
Posted by Independent.mind | Fri Aug 4, 2017, 09:51 AM (32 replies)

Democrats: Ineffective. Republicans: Impotent. Trump administration: Incompetent

Since the election cycle began for the presidency and the new administration has been sworn in those are the words that best describe each of those groups of people.

Let's start with the INEFFECTIVE democrats shall we:
Losing seats at every electoral level over the last 8 years at least.
You would think they would get the hint that the population is NOT buying into the message they have been pushing, their response; say it more and louder. It ain't working.

Now they find themselves in the minority in both houses of congress and without an ally in the White House. We are heading into midterms next year and what is the message we hear from them, the same stuff we have been hearing with the addition of "We aren't Trump". It didn't work before it won't work this go around.

Now for the IMPOTENT republicans:
With majorities in both houses of congress and holding the white house and 7 years and 4 election cycles of promises they can't pass anything on health care. HELLO you've had 7 F'ING YEARS to come up with a plan. There have been 50 odd votes to kill the ACA over those years and yet when you get the chance you don't have anything ready and can't even get a simple majority to pass a bill in the senate. I mean hell its just the biggest loudest issue you've campaigned on since the ACA became law.

Now let's look at the INCOMPETENT Trump administration:
In 6 months incompetence has been the overriding theme.
In that time there have been AT LEAST 16 notable departures from the administration, including a national security adviser, an FBI directory, a press secretary, a chief of staff and a director of communication.
In addition you have the president repeatedly and loudly attacking an attorney general that HE APPOINTED.

We can also look at all the lies being told by people with close ties to the president and/or crucial roles in the administration starting with the president himself
Trump: I won by one of the biggest margins in history. In fact his win ranks number 46 out of 56 in terms of electoral college votes, not exactly impressive, and he lost the poplar vote to boot. And that is just one of many MANY demonstrably false statements (LIES) he has told. Many of them over stupid and totally insignificant things.
Flynn: No contacts with foreign officials then forced to resign because he lied to the VP about contacts with foreign officials
Sessions: No contacts with foreign officials, forced to step back via recusal from the justice department investigation into election tampering because of contacts with foreign officials.
Jared Kushner: No contact with foreign officials but had to amend his official government fillings for security clearance due to what OVER 100 documented contacts with foreign officials.
Kellyanne Conway, too damn many to mention but my favorite was when she coined the term "alternative facts"! In fact there are facts and there are lies and rebranding lies doesn't change what they are.
My fingers are getting tired so I'm going to stop there.

In just the last 6 months one thing the election of Trump as president has done is pulled back the curtain and shown anyone who cares to look with independent thinking and a critical eye that our political process is little more than theater at this point.

The entire process is hyper-partisan and broken and in my view ALL SIDES and BOTH PARTIES working together for the good of the American people is the only way to fix it.

To all of them I would say:
Shut up
Stop fighting
Get to work doing the job you were hired to do:

Posted by Independent.mind | Wed Aug 2, 2017, 02:53 PM (14 replies)
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