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I am an independent that does not align with either party I have often described myself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. Professionally I have done everything from being in sales, managing the customer service department and running a multifacility manufacturing company in the US I have traveled and done business internationally for a number of years.

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Question for Democrat faithful

Right now should be,from a historical perspective, an opportunity to pick up some seats in the midterms.
The president and generic republican congress are polling very poorly as of yesterday.
The president currently is showing an average approval rating in the high 30's and an average disapproval rating in the high 50's.

The last few election cycles have shown that the message and approach the DNC has taken have not worked so some tangible changes need to be made to connect the party to the voters, in particular independents like myself.

With the democratic party disarray there is a lot of work to be done between now and next November.

What concrete steps do you think need to be taken to unify the party and the message in a way that will appeal to a broad spectrum of the voting public?

How confident are you that having the current occupant in the oval office will motivate the base to get out and vote and what is that confidence based on?

Based on my conversations with friends and colleagues I believe there is a willingness on the part of independents and even some moderate republicans to vote democrat in the mid terms but not if the only message is "we aren't them" or just to be opposition. We want to hear direction and policy ideas that will serve to better the political climate and move a productive agenda forward and whoever messages that better will be listened to.

Posted by Independent.mind | Thu Nov 9, 2017, 11:38 AM (23 replies)
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