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The thing creation "scientists" will never understand

Despite not having nay evidence to back up their claims. Despite their failures at finding evidence to discredit or disprove evolution.
Even IF tomorrow we found out we were wrong about evolution, somehow, someway, all the data was wrong.
It still wouldn't mean creation is correct.
It would not be evidence the bible is historically and scientifically correct. At all.
Evidence is still required to back up the claim of the bibles truth. Showing something to be false isn't evidence that your claim is the correct one.
All these creationists do is take the work of others and try twist it to their advantage.
They can't find evidence of any claims in the bible as being true. Every testable claim in the bible has been proven false.
They are completely and utterly dishonest in their work, even going so far as to sign "statements of faith" that they will not accept any evidence that goes against creation and the bible.
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