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Of course.

Weird how we have stories in the US and UK about the travails of Muslim traitors.


White supremacists? Frankly, I'm shocked that anyone in this day thinks POC are inferior!


Man wanted to "kill Mexicans." Attacks Hispanics with metal pole.

I wonder how much play this will get.

Fox News reports RBG had died.

Parody account that speaks the actual truth behind the Smollet scandal

It's like they're proud of being deranged zealots

Elderly white male decides he doesn't want to sacrifice his privilege quite yet

Release the SJWs!

Ohr ferried another Fusion GPS, written by his wife, dossier to DOJ.

Bruce Ohr Says He Ferried Another Hillary Clinton-Financed Dossier to the FBI, This One Written By His Fusion GPS Employed Wife
—Ace of Spades

Walls are closing in.


Who would have thought that, this deep into the Russia collusion probe, we'd be learning about yet another dossier connected to Hillary Clinton? And, as it turns out, it was sort of a family secret.

By his own account, senior Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr played an essential -- and unorthodox --role, carrying politically tainted allegations of Donald Trump-Russia collusion to the FBI during the 2016 election.

First, it was unverified intelligence starting in July 2016 from Trump-hating former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous Russia dossier.

Next, it was sketchy intelligence starting in August 2016 from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, an opposition-research contractor who hired Steele and was paid to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign develop political dirt on Trump.

And now we learn, from testimony that is still being kept secret from the public, that Ohr admitted to Congress last year that he also took Russia information that his wife, Nellie, assembled against Trump on a computer drive and delivered that to the FBI in 2016-- a revelation that has raised fresh concerns in Congress about a possible conflict of interest.

Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS and, for a time, worked on the same Clinton-financed Russian research project as Steele, according to the testimony.

DOJ ethics rules forbid department officials from working in cases where a spouse has a financial interest, a prohibition that Bruce Ohr said he knew about when he forwarded his wife's evidence to the FBI.


This was all kept secret until recently.

Guess who did know about this, though?


Ohr said he told the FBI about his wife's role at Fusion GPS but did not divulge his role as an evidence courier for his spouse to any of his DOJ supervisors -- except for one.

Ohr testified that he told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who was overseeing the Trump-Russia probe, more than a year ago that he had taken information his wife assembled against Trump at Fusion GPS and gave it to the FBI.

Behold! The mighty #Resistance!
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