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Charlie Mike

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Leftists don't want you to include them, they want to destroy you.

Lefty says Margaret Sanger's racism is a thing of the past & doesn't reflect on Planned Parenthood

Just as well. Lefty broads shouldn't breed.

Just a reminder: the people pretending to be so concerned about Russia corrupting our elections

are the same people demanding tens of millions of foreign criminals be admitted to the US and in some places, allow them to vote.

There's your treason.

And then there's this...

So, if Trump is an illegitimate president... the Democrats intend to not send any legislation to him to sign into law?

It seems to me, if they seek his signature for legislation they're legitimizing his authority.


There's no point in pretending to enjoy the company of people who irrationally hate you

Is Israel an "apartheid state"?

In Israel Arabs can live, be citizens, own businesses, be elected to political office.

In the West Bank and Gaza the Arabs murder all Jews, harass Christians and others, and will even ostracize (or kill) their own if they are even rumored to have pleasant interactions with Jews and Christians.

THAT is the apartheid state.

But Lefty doesn't care about that. In fact, they'll ignore it if not outright justify it. They certainly won't change their position.

So spare us the bigoted hypocrisy, lefty.

And spare us the autistic screeching about Trump inspiring a synagogue shooter. You're just trying to cover what you created.

The Left has emboldened pedophiles with its "They're born that way" argument

A number of them also do the idiotic gender pronoun thing as well as claim they are zoophiles.

There are about a dozen more profiles in the thread

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's party, The Democratic Socialists of America has a message for you:
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