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Charlie Mike

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Hey lefty, if you're still butt hurt over Flint water...

He knows the pain Sri Lanka endures and he knows how to fight it...

Stupid lefty's last hope.

Lefty hires foreign agents to cheat in the election

Foreign agents use Russian sources to compile dossier

Lefty uses dossier to lie to FISC to spy on a presidential campaign

Foreign agents make repeated attempts to bait campaign - all are rebuffed

When Comey is told to repeat in public what he has continually claimed to Trump in private, Comey is fired

Mewler is appointed

Mewler hires disgraced crew Strzok, Page, and Weissman

Mewler knows there is no collusion

Mewler continues to bait traps

None succeed

Mewler claims Trump ordered WH Counsel to fire him - a perfectly legal act

No firing occurred

Mewler claims Trump tried to suppress divulging this fact even though it is legal and not germane to the investigation because it never happened

VIOLA! Obstruction

But Trump - apparently desperate to conceal this non crime that never happened - did not assert Executive Privilege when the AG presented the report to him during the redaction process.

Lefty - you are bigger idiots than even I would have dared assumed if you think anyone is going to allow you to overturn the 2016 election with that bullshit.

Happier Easter

Lefty WANTS racism

Why, yes. Sometimes you do need high capacity assault clips with the shoulder thingy that goes up.

Yaas. Slay kween!

Venezuela achieves Ludicrous Speed

Click image to see animated representation of Venezuela inflation rate.

Lefty admits it's a coup

“All’s fair in love, war and politics.” You use whatever you can to weaken your opponent.

Siding with anti-semites to own the cons.
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