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FBI Search Of CIA Leak Suspect Turned Up Photos Of Sex Assault On Unconscious Friend

The government suspects that Joshua Adam Schulte gave documents to WikiLeaks, but they’re holding him on child pornography charges.

WASHINGTON ― A 30-year-old former CIA employee the federal government suspects ― but has not charged with ― giving a massive trove of agency documents to WikiLeaks is also facing charges in Virginia, where he’s accused of snapping photos as he sexually assaulted a passed-out friend as she lay on the floor of his bathroom.
Joshua Adam Schulte was arrested back in August on federal child pornography charges, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that The Washington Post and New York Times reported the government was interested in Schulte because it suspected him of providing WikiLeaks with thousands of documents on the CIA’s hacking operations. The “Vault 7 leak,” published in March 2017, was the largest loss of classified documents in CIA history. Schulte’s Manhattan apartment was searched one week after it was published.
The government still hasn’t brought a case against Schulte in connection with WikiLeaks’ publication of the documents. Instead, they charged Schulte in August with child pornography over videos found on an encrypted computer server he started back in 2009 when he was in college. His lawyers have said that dozens of people had access to that server.

The FBI also sent along photos they obtained from one of Schulte’s phones to prosecutors in Loudoun County, where he lived when he worked for the CIA. The photos, taken in April 2015, show a woman “passed out on the floor” of his bathroom and being sexually assaulted. The unnamed woman has been referred to as Schulte’s friend and former roommate.
The government said in October that the county conducted its own investigation and interviewed the victim after the FBI provided the photographs. In November, according to federal prosecutors, Schulte was charged with two crimes: a felony count of object sexual penetration and a misdemeanor count of unlawful creation of an image of another.


Meanwhile, Schulte remains in federal custody. Evidently a fan of Ayn Rand, he’s also begun writing lengthy, pseudonymous essays about the injustices of the federal criminal system for “John Galt’s Legal Defense Fund,” according to the Post and the Times. The Facebook page, a reference to the hero of Atlas Shrugged, had just two likes as of Tuesday.

So what we have here folks is an ultra-right wing, Ayn Rand devotee leaking CIA documents. Add a heaping side of kiddie porn and sexual assault. Without a doubt, Joshua Adam Schultes is Tier One*!

Sturm Ruger Will Track Gun Violence, After Shareholders Back 'Activist Resolution'

Ruger's stock rose sharply after the proposal's adoption, adding 4.59 percent to hit $60.35 — a new high for 2018 — before markets closed Wednesday. That's a contrast from February, when the stock dropped to $43.05 in the weeks after the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Nun’s flexing 💪

Anyone attend the annual NRA meeting this year?

I couldn’t get away this weekend. What did I miss? Any good swag bag goodies? Any must have guns or accessories?

Im stranded on I-10 in Beaumont

Heard a loud bang and lost my turbo. Looks like the connection from the intercooler self destructed. Waiting on a wrecker to tow me into the dealer. I had my doubts about buying and extended warranty. Those doubts are gone after five years and 50100 miles 😂. Thanks Ford

Barbecued Prime Beef Rib for our Super Bowl Party

Down here we call this specialty cue' "brisket-on-a-stick"

Firearms Friday II Pistols

Columns from left to right

Kimber Eclipse II .45 ACP
Kimber Crimson Trace Ultra .45 ACP
Ruger MKII Hunter .22 LR.

Kimber Stainless II 10mm
Les Baer Premier II Super-Tac .45 ACP
Ruger MKII 22/45 .22 LR.

Springfield Armory XD-M 9mm
Glock 20C 10mm
Kahr K9 9mm
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket .25 ACP

Mossberg 590M


5-10-15 & 20 rounds magazines

New Sci-Fi show: Counterpart

On Sunday I watched Counterpart, a new and interesting sci-fi / espionage thriller. It's a compelling story involving a cold war experiment gone wrong, revealing a dark new reality. J.K. Simmons leads the cast playing two lead characters. It's one part Orphan Black and one part The Man in High Castle. The production values are high and the camera work is pretty damned amazing. I enjoyed how Simmons plays two characters simultaneously and seamlessly on screen. It works in a way that's less gimmicky than Orphan Black. In that it doesn't come off as a stunt meant to to wow you with special effects wizardry. It's worth a watch if your taste leans towards dark spy dramas.

Houston we have a problem!

Today's the nineteenth anniversary of my wife putting up with me. We've got freezing rain and sleet. It's 27 degrees and falling. It's supposed to hit 19* tomorrow morning. I lit the fireplace for the first time in many years. Seems frivolous to burn seasoned oak without any pork or beef

Cold truck

Warm dog

Texas Bar-be-cue

So I ordered a custom smoker last May. She was finished in September and I've been workin' her hard ever since. She's a biggun' weighing over 3/4 ton of all 1/4" steel

Black Betty

Ready for the meat



Dino Bones

Smoked Green Chili Mac & Cheese

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