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Mossberg 590M


5-10-15 & 20 rounds magazines

New Sci-Fi show: Counterpart

On Sunday I watched Counterpart, a new and interesting sci-fi / espionage thriller. It's a compelling story involving a cold war experiment gone wrong, revealing a dark new reality. J.K. Simmons leads the cast playing two lead characters. It's one part Orphan Black and one part The Man in High Castle. The production values are high and the camera work is pretty damned amazing. I enjoyed how Simmons plays two characters simultaneously and seamlessly on screen. It works in a way that's less gimmicky than Orphan Black. In that it doesn't come off as a stunt meant to to wow you with special effects wizardry. It's worth a watch if your taste leans towards dark spy dramas.

Houston we have a problem!

Today's the nineteenth anniversary of my wife putting up with me. We've got freezing rain and sleet. It's 27 degrees and falling. It's supposed to hit 19* tomorrow morning. I lit the fireplace for the first time in many years. Seems frivolous to burn seasoned oak without any pork or beef

Cold truck

Warm dog

Texas Bar-be-cue

So I ordered a custom smoker last May. She was finished in September and I've been workin' her hard ever since. She's a biggun' weighing over 3/4 ton of all 1/4" steel

Black Betty

Ready for the meat



Dino Bones

Smoked Green Chili Mac & Cheese

Firearms Friday

One mule, four thoroughbreds

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