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Spirites make me stronger

Finially took the 10pt buck I’ve been perusing for two 1/2 years.

In celebration I’ve been sipping Makers Mark on the rocks with a splash. Step right up and join me. You call the next round

Ricky Jay, my favorite magician and character actor has passed

I first watched Ricky Jay on an ABC magic special in a 80’s. Later I enjoyed him in watching David Mamet films of the late 80’s and ninties such as “House of Games,” “The Spanish Prisoner,” “Things Change,” “Redbelt” and “State and Main.” In the 2000’s Jay had a wonderful character role on HBO’s Deadwood.

Jay also consulted on major box office hits like Born on the Fourth of July (designing Gary Sinese’s wheel chair), The Illusionist and The Prestige movies, two magic theme films released the same year and heavily leveraging Jay’s unique talents. If you you want a real treat watch a few of his card tricks and ponder the years of dedication and discipline it took Ricky Jay to master his art.

This may not be his best, trick but there are dozens more available on Youtube


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